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Sasha Obama Shared Photos Of Her Prom And The Internet Can't Handle How Grown Up She Looks

Barack and Michelle Obama's youngest daughter, Sasha, recently shared her prom photos and Twitter is having a meltdown — as am I.

Long story short: She slayed.

I know this is going to shock you. But President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's youngest daughter, Sasha, does not look like this anymore.

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Our girl is all grown up and serving looks.

If you're anything like me, this is how you remember Sasha, and this is how you imagine her looking, still — to this day, in your head.

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But I have some news that's going to make you all feel old AF.

Over the weekend her glow-up took over Twitter. Fans cannot get over her transformation.

Fans became instantly sentimental over how much she's grown up since the last time we checked up on her.

Followed by a wave of panic — because if Sasha looks like this, it means we're all getting old.

She looked absolutely stunning in her classic, satin, black dress and simple jewelry.

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Certainly, a look that she can proudly look back on with no regrets.

When fans saw her name trending on Twitter, they were prepared to rush to her defence. But to their surprise, her name was trending for a pure, heartwarming reason — rather than anything scandalous.

But nonetheless, fans tweeted that they were 100% ready to fight for her if it came down to that.

This fan tweeted that their hand instantly clenched into a fist when they saw her name trending online.

But that they were relieved to find out it was simply because of how amazing she looked in her prom photos.

Another fan tweeted this, explaining how everyone on Twitter was ready for battle when they saw Sasha's name trending.

When someone's name is trending on Twitter, especially someone who was once so close to the eye of the storm that is American politics, it's almost never over anything positive.

Fans were glowing with pride after finding out the real reason why Sasha was suddenly trending.

This person tweeted a few of Sasha's prom photos, hyping her up along with a heart-eyes emoji.

Another fan tweeted that their heart was so full that it was nearly bursting rainbows after seeing her.

Our baby girl is all grown up!

This fan pointed out that Sasha's prom date should add this to his resume and be set for life.

It's definitely a huge accomplishment and something to be very proud of.

Some fans are begging Sasha to stop growing up.

This person pointed out that although Sasha looks fierce as hell, her date looks a bit nervous.

As he should be.

This person tweeted how fans are reacting to seeing Sasha's prom date.

Implying that we're all running extensive background checks on this young man to make sure he meets the impossibly high standards we have for Sasha.

Other fans wrote that seeing her glow-up like this is making them feel like a proud older sibling.

This fan also commented on how gorgeous and simple her look was.

Well, there you have it. If you didn't feel a million years old when you woke up this morning, you probably do now. You're welcome.

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This girl is going to break a lot of hearts in her lifetime — I'm sure of it!

This was probably Barack's mood after sending his youngest daughter off to prom.

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Let us know what you think of Sasha's prom photos!

Do you feel old, or do you feel old?