10+ 'Modern Family' Secrets Fans Should Really Know Before The Show Ends

Today we're talking about Modern Family secrets. So remember, don't tell these to anyone. That's right, not even your mom! We're trusting you with these reader, so make sure you keep quiet.

Sofia Vergara is a legal citizen.


Yes, she's actually from Columbia. However, in 2014, she finished her citizen test and guess what: she scored perfect on her exam!

Her first experience in the good ol' U.S of A was in Florida, now she's making more than the average American!

Ariel Winter can kick your butt.

Instagram | @arielwinter

While her character in Modern Family is kind of a nerd, the real Ariel Winter is a real bad lady.

With her purple belt in tae-kwon-do, she's can really take most people on.

There's a whole trailer full of costumes.


Well, there's an entire trailer dedicated to different clothes for the characters.

Take a guess at who has the most costume changes... if you guessed Gloria, then you are 100% correct.

Baby Lily was actually twins.


Like the Olsen Twins on Full House, the baby Lily was actually two babies playing one child.

The twins, named Ella and Jaden Hiller, were switched when one was being fussy.

Eric Stonestreet is Straight.


That's right, Cameron, one of the most iconic gay characters in all of television history, is played by a straight man.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson however, also known as Mitchell, is gay in real life.

There was a fight over pay.


All of the actors were making pretty decent money from the beginning, about $30,000 an episode. However, Ed O'Neil was making $200,000!

After a brief spat with the producers, Ed O'Neil lowered his rate to $150,000 an episode, so the rest of the cast could make the same.

Sofia Vergara dyes her hair for the show.


Apparently, Sophia is a natural blonde, which would probably look gorgeous.

However, to give her more of a Latina look, she regularly dyes it when she films the show.

Sarah Hyland has kidney dysplasia.

Instagram | @sarahhyland

While she looks and acts flawlessly, Sarah Hyland is actually battling a pretty serious affliction.

She was diagnosed at age 9 and had to go through a kidney transplant operation in 2013.

Stella has been recasted.


Stella, the French Bulldog that Jay owns and Gloria absolutely despise, has been played by more than one doggie actor.

In Season 3 she was replaced after the dog that portrays her was taken off the dog casting agency.

Mitchell's repeat come-outs are based on real life.


On the show, Mitchell has to constantly remind or "come out" to his father as gay.

This is based on Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s real life, who did the same with his dad.

Sofia Vergara can help with dental emergencies.


Just like Ariel Winter can protect the set from any ninjas, Sophia Vergara can fix any broken teeth those ninjas cause.

This is because she studied Dentistry in her home country of Columbia.

Ed O'Neil was quite the athlete


All the way back in 1969, Ed O'Neil was drafted into the NFL as a free agent.

However, he was cut before the regular season began. Well, at least he went into acting!

Nolan Gould is a genius.


You read that right, the guy who plays Luke Dunphy is a genius.

Like, actually certified and everything, a member of the genius organization Mensa since he was 4 years old.

Ariel Winter and her Mom.


Up until 2012, Ariel Winter's mom would frequently appear on set. However, she was constantly criticizing the young actress, always talking about her weight and performance.

Eventually, Ariel was removed from her mother's home based on allegations of physical and emotional abuse.

Sophia use too watch Ed O'Neil on TV.


Back in her home country, Sofia Vergara use too watch Ed O'Neil on Married With Children.

Of course, her version was in Spanish. She was disappointed to learn that Ed O'Neil spoke no Spanish when she met him in person.

Julie Bowen Has A Heart Condition


It's one that she's been battling for about 20 years, and in fact, she wears something that you'd never guess and/or see on set. She wears a pacemaker!

Jeez, I hope she doesn't mind we're exposing her...

The sets are different places


Alright, so when you see the Dunphy's parent's room, do you notice anything? Maybe that it's the same as the Dunphy Daughter's room?

Apparently, sets are hard to come by in L.A, so they gotta reuse some!

No leads


Ever since Season 1, the actors on Modern Family have made a pact to never submit themselves to award shows as lead actors, only supporting. They understand it takes many to make up a Modern Family.



Ever wondered why the show is filmed in a documentary style? Well, apparently, it was originally supposed to be about a Swedish guy (who was an exchange student at Phil's) who wants to make a show about an American family.

The Influence

Le Petit Journal

Turns out that Modern Family isn't a totally original idea. Like a lot of American TV Shows, we got the idea from Europe. Specifically, Modern Family was influenced by a French show called Fais pas ci, fais pas ça.

Ty's Issues


Ty Burrell (Phil Dunphy) was almost not cast in the role. Producers wanted a well-known actor, and some even questioned his abilities.

So, creator Steve Levitan filmed Ty and Sarah Hyland at his own home to show the producers what it would look like. Let's just say it stuck.

Andy And Haley


During a lot of Sarah Hyland's and Adam Devine's scenes, directors and crew would often need to remind them to keep the pace up, because they would take the scenes so seriously.

As they did the Andy/Haley relationship. Andley? Hady?

Ed O'Neil Knows The Future


As a sitcom veteran, you know Ed O'Neil knows if something is going to be a hit. And so, after reading the script for Modern Family, you know there's a reason he signed on.

Kids Are Important, too


The kids on the show often face real problems that teenagers these days would face as well. This is exactly what the writers were going for, they also showed them getting help to prove that teen problems are worth looking into.

They don't call it Modern Family for nothing.