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Graduate Poses In Fields Where Her Parents Work And Dedicates Her Degree To Them

For many of us, our parents are our biggest supporters. They're the emotional cheerleaders who are always by our side, encouraging us to follow our dreams and helping us succeed in life. So we definitely can't take all the credit for some of our biggest achievements, because we were never working towards them alone.

A recent San Diego State University graduate decided to celebrate earning her degree by taking a series of photographs with her parents in the same strawberry fields they labor in, NBC reported.

Erica Alfaro's parents have spent long hours in those California fields, picking berries.

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In fact, they work in the fields for 10 hours a day, seven days a week, just so they can give their family the life they deserve.

At the age of 15, Alfaro fell pregnant and dropped out of school to move to Fresno with her abusive boyfriend.

Facebook | Erica A Alfaro

According to Hip Latina, that same boyfriend kicked her out onto the street when she was 16 and their baby was only nine months old.

It was then that Alfaro vowed to make a better life for herself and her son by going back to school.

Not only did she earn her high school diploma, but she also got a bachelor's degree from Cal State San Marcos.

Facebook | Erica A Alfaro

This month, the 29-year-old daughter of immigrants graduated from San Diego State University with her master's degree in education.

Alfaro set up the photo-shoot in the strawberry fields with her parents as a way of paying tribute to their sacrifices.

Facebook | Erica A Alfaro

In the pictures, she is dressed in her cap and posing with her proud parents among the rows of strawberries they pick every day.

Alfaro posted the photos to her Facebook and said she was dedicating her degree to her parents. The photos quickly went viral.

"I feel that many people shared [the photos] because many feel identified."

Facebook | Erica A Alfaro

She also said she hopes to be an example for any victims of domestic abuse or women who became mothers at an early age.

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