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Mystery Intruder Broke Into Man’s Home Just To Clean It And Leave

Cleaning is a something that most of us can agree we don't like doing. After all, it's one of those chores that never really seems to be done. There's always something else that needs to be cleaned or a new mess that magically appears once you think you've finished.

So yeah, cleaning is a nightmare. But wouldn't it be nice if there were someone who would come over to your house and do all the cleaning for you so you could come home to a spotless space?

If this sounds like a maid to you, think again. Apparently, some home intruders are much more fastidious than you'd expect.

One Massachusetts man returned home to find his front door was unlocked.

Unsplash | Evelyn Paris

Normally this would be incredibly alarming, and at first the man, Nate Roman, believed someone had forced themselves inside the home and he'd been robbed.

But according to CNN, he soon dsicovered that nothing had actually been taken. Rather, his home had been cleaned top to bottom.

Acting on a "vibe" that something felt off in his house, Roman began searching each room.

His son's bedroom, which had been left a total mess just that morning, was now completely clean, with everything up off the floor and tucked neatly away.

Not only was the clutter cleaned, but the rugs had been vacuumed too.

Facebook | Nate Roman

Whoever cleaned was also feeling very extra and left Roman a toilet paper rose on the roll in the bathroom, much like a hotel maid service might leave chocolates on your pillows.

Despite there being no evidence of anything having been taken, Roman called the police.

Unsplash | Matt Popovich

Obviously, considering an immaculate house still meant someone had broken in, even if they cleaned it.

Officers checked out the house, confirmed it was empty of intruders, and then spoke with the neighbors to find out if anyone had seen someone suspicious enter the home. No one had.

"No crime happened, nothing was missing or damaged, so the police had very little to go on."

Unsplash | Rishabh Varshney

Roman neglected to set his security system so the alarms didn't go off and the cameras didn't catch the intruder, but the time stamp on the door sensors indicated that whoever did come clean spent about 90 minutes inside the house.

Roman has since come up with a theory about the person who broke in just to clean.

In a Facebook post, he said he thinks a cleaning service may have accidentally come to the wrong house and cleaned up the space.

That being said, the kitchen was left untouched, so perhaps the mystery isn't solved just yet.

In any case, Roman has changed the locks on his house and is still being careful in case something may have been left behind by this person I'm going just go ahead and dub the Mary Poppins Intruder.

h/t: CNN.