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Amazon Will Seriously Sell You 8 Pounds Of Cereal-Grade Marshmallows

How many of us have fond memories of childhood that involve cartoons and cereal? Especially the ones that are basically cubes of sugar and came with a prize at the bottom?

Sure, as an adult I know that those cereal marketers were predatory jerks peddling nightmares for both my waistline and my teeth, but at the time, it was fun in a box!

Also now as an adult, I can indulge my nostalgia all I want and nobody can stop me.

And if that involves eating cereal that's just a bowl of marshmallows, well, some wonderful marketer saw my irresponsible self coming.


And they're willing to fill your mouth and mine with all the cereal marshmallows we can possibly stomach, and then some. On Amazon, you can seriously go ahead and buy yourself an eight-pound bag of them. Eight. Pounds.

Just to keep things at their optimum levels of freshness, the eight pounds will come split up into two smaller four-pound bags.

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If that and a cartoon marathon on Netflix won't scratch a nostalgic itch for you, I don't know what will.

Sure, some people will use them for baking.

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Toss a handful or two into a batch of Rice Krispie squares, something like that. We all know that, for most of us, they're going to end up bathing in frosty milk before being spooned into mouths in front of the TV's warm glow.

The Santa-sack of marshmallows does technically come with nutritional information.


But, if you're will to fork over $44.99 for eight pounds of cereal marshmallows, is the nutritional content really your biggest worry in life?

And, if you're hesitant about committing to the full eight pounds on your first go, there are smaller sizes available.


If you'd rather dip your toe into the marshmallow cereal pool, you can try the 3-pound bag or a 1.5-pound bag first.

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