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Woman Orders Quarter Pounder Moments After Giving Birth In McDonald’s Parking Lot

There's really no telling when hunger will strike.

Sometimes we find ourselves caught in the worst situations possible with a rumbling tummy and no feasible way of giving it what it wants - during an exam, while stuck in traffic, etc.

Other times, though, we're blessed with the opportunity to feed ourselves right when we're feeling our absolute hungriest. Sitting in a McDonald's parking lot sounds like an ideal time to start feeling particularly snackish, even if that's right after you've just given birth to a baby.

One mom-to-be in Australia found herself in just this situation.

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According to LADBible, the unnamed woman was sitting in her car with her husband in a Melbourne McDonald's parking lot when her water broke.

They called emergency services, but wound up having the baby right there in the car.

The birth of a baby deserves a huge celebration, and this proud new mamma only wanted one thing.

She sent her husband into the McDonald's (you know, the one she just gave birth outside of?) so he could order her a Quarter Pounder.

The "frazzled" husband told the stunned employees his wife had just given birth in their car.

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In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, McDonald's licensee Ainsley Shillington said the husband ordered a Quarter Pounder meal for his wife to enjoy while they waited for the ambulance.

Hey, she just gave birth. She deserves to eat whatever she wants.

Thankfully, the order was ready at about the same time the ambulance arrived on scene.

So they didn't have to cancel the burger and go do something silly like bring their brand new baby to the hospital on an empty tummy.

The McDonald's employees didn't get a chance to find out the gender of the baby.

But I think it'd be far more interesting to find out the baby's name. Will the parents pay tribute to the its birth place and dub it something like "Mac" or "Donald"? Or maybe they'll be super on the nose about it and name their baby "Quarter Pounder" (QP for short, of course).

Then again, they may not. It would just seem like a bit of a missed opportunity, in my opinion anyway.

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