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Fans Are Speculating Why Kendall Jenner Wasn't At Kylie's Launch Party

Kylie Jenner just launched her brand new skincare line, Kylie Skin. If it feels random, don't worry, it totally is. According to Kylie, proper skincare and makeup "go hand in hand" which is totally true, it just makes me laugh that anyone thinks this is a revolutionary concept.

Anyway, Kylie's skincare has in fact come under fire due to certain ingredients in her walnut face scrub. Mainly, the walnut.

Many experts have agreed the walnut found in the scrub is too harsh for most skin types.

Seriously, people were *pissed* about it, lol.

Many felt it was a dated beauty product, like a St. Ives Apricot Scrub situation.

Others felt the whole line was a damn scam.

I mean yes, Kylie has had many treatments done I'm sure, but whatever!


Regardless of social media's feeings about the line, it launched and the party was fierce.

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Kris, Kourtney, Kim and KoKo were all there to celebrate Kylie's big night.

There was even RAMEN with Kylie Skin branding all over it.

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Because how else does one celebrate the launch of a skincare line??

However, fans couldn't help but noice a key player was missing from the festivities.

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That's right...


How is Kendall missing the launch of this aesthetic skincare line???

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Is there beef? Is there sisterly drama?

NOPE. Kendall just totally sold her soul to Proactive earlier this year and prolly can't be seen supporting another skin care brand.

Which sucks! I'm sure Kendall would have loved to be there for her sister!

The fans are displeased to say the least.

Will you be trying out anything from Kylie Skin? Let us know in the comments below!