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This Girl Does Her Own Hilarious Low-Budget Takes On Celeb Outfits

Are you a fan of cosplay? Do you go all out to recreate that perfect costume? Well if you do, listen up. I'm here to tell you that you don't need to spend a lot of moula to do so. Take a note from Riley's playbook on how it's done.

She has recreated many celebrity outfits with the use of some interesting materials. Watch and learn.

1. Rihanna

Rihanna's iconic Met Gala look from a few years ago was recreated by Riley using her laundry. LOL! Okay, she is kind of right about this dress.

2. Emma Stone

It's good to know she takes the saying "you are what you eat" to heart. I dunno if I could resist wearing this before I eat it.

3. Joy Villa

A little humor never hurt anyone, right? I love how this girl uses her imagination to get her point across. Wish she could be the president.

4. Danielle Moinet

Even if you don't live at the beach, don't let that stop you. Clearly, it didn't stop Riley from recreating this fun in the water shot.

5. Kim Kardashian

I always thought that Kim's dress reminded me of something. Of course! Tin foil! Riley nails it once again.

6. Paris Bishop

Who can blame her if she wakes up groggy and tired in the morning? After all, she's busy coming up with all these fun little projects.

7. Rihanna Again

This is what happens when you're really hungry. You end up channeling Rihanna like no other. Ha ha ha. I'm digging this version so much more.

8. Sam Rybka

It's okay if you're not that flexible. Riley knows what her priorities in life should be instead. And I'm totally with her on this. LOL!

9. Zendaya

This outfit surely looks good enough to eat. Get it? Ha ha ha! But seriously this is making me super hungry for a hotdog right now.

10. Lil Pump

Riley is definitely pumping up the volume with this cool shot. I love the creative use of household foil in this fun and fierce recreation.

She really got all of his tattoo placements right, but with a twist.

Instagram | @rileydiary

Instead of a sad face in between her eyebrows, she opted for a content heart graphic.

And instead of a set of fiery skull and crossbones on her neck, she chose a cute panda.

Because of her spot-on impersonation of the rapper, Riley even got a sweet feature in one of Lil Pump's music videos for his song 'Be Like Me.'

Instagram | @rileydiary

Her impersonations of celebrities are basically slowly turning her into a celebrity!

11. Beyoncé

Okay so I know she's way too young to be expecting, obviously, but this is such a fun and clever take on it. Isn't it? Come on!

12. Chiara Ferragni

Can't catch the sun's rays exactly when you want it? No problem. Riley seems to find a way to get around this little issue just fine.

13. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is definitely known for her outrageous fashion outfits, but I think Riley can give her a run for her money any day. Do you?

14. Gigi Hadid

Instagram | @rileydiary

The resemblance is uncanny!

I love the attention to detail in her looks. The hat looks pretty much the same and even her shirt is draped the same. Whoever took her photo even got the lighting spot-on!

15. Another One

Instagram | @rileydiary

Little Riley must really love Rihanna! And who can blame her, TBH?

I love this street fashion look by Rihanna, and Riley pretty much nailed it with these bunched up black garbage bags.

16. Miley Cyrus

Instagram | @rileydiary

Riley definitely nailed this look right on the head. She's got the same stance, hair, and black oversized blazer.

This is definitely a lewk for her.

17. JoJo Siwa

Instagram | @rileydiary

When you don't have a rainbow and unicorn shirt or a silly toast backdrop, you make your own out of food!

It would be hard not to take a small snack break!

18. Maddie Ziegler

Instagram | @rileydiary

Sia's music video for "Chandelier" was pretty iconic. Everyone remembers the little girl Maddie Ziegler's impersonation of Sia and her amazing dance moves.

Riley is definitely close!

19. Michelle Waterson

Instagram | @rileydiary

Riley decided she wanted to look like MMA fighter Michelle Waterson and showed an easy way to achieve a toned and muscular look.

If potatoes grow muscles, I'll eat them all day!

20. Ashanti

Instagram | @rileydiary

Riley definitely captured Ashanti's strong shoulder look!

The color, the belt, the pose and the design, she could really be Ashanti's doppelgänger.

Ha ha ha I'm so impressed with what the kids are coming up with these days.

This little girl has more imagination than most kids I know. Good for her!

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