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Mom Hopes To Inspire Others With Photos Of Her 'Disgusting' Post-Baby Body

Many moms struggle with coming to terms with their postpartum body. While there is a huge body-positive movement happening right now for moms, one blogger is taking a different approach.

Chantelle Donnelly has opened up about how she "hates" the way her body looks and has ever referred to it as "disgusting" in one Instagram post.

Even though it's not the conventional body-positive language, people are applauding her honesty.

Chantelle (or Channy) Donnelly is a mom from Victoria, Australia.

The Losing Mumma

She gave birth to her daughter, Sienna in 2016, and then created her blog The Losing Mumma to document her postpartum weight-loss journey.

On The Losing Mumma, Channy discusses the realities of postpartum life.

The Losing Mumma

She's opened up about everything: from trying to travel with an infant, to discussing her first postpartum period which she said was like a "horror movie". Girl, I hear ya.

Channy has also discussed how she was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety.

The Losing Mumma

These conditions are very common for mothers, but there is still a huge stigma when it comes to talking about these experiences. I'm applauding Channy for speaking out.

Recently, Channy shared a few progress pics of her weight loss on Instagram.

Instagram | @thelosingmumma

In this photo, Channy weighs 112 kg or about 246 lbs. In the caption, she wrote, "I’m finally doing it. I’m posting my disgusting body for the world to see."

Here's an update she shared at 107 kg (or 235 lbs).

Instagram | @thelosingmumma

Losing weight takes time and patience, but Channy is off to a great start. She explained in her Instagram post that her postpartum depression and anxiety made losing weight difficult as she often turned to food for comfort.

In this photo, Channy weighs 105 kg (or about 231 lbs).

Instagram | @thelosingmumma

Channy said she shared these photos in the hopes that it would inspire her to stick to her goals and lose weight.

Many people are applauding Channy for her honesty.

Instagram | @thelosingmumma

When one commenter said that her body was not "disgusting" Channy replied, "I’ve come to terms with the fact that my body will never look how I want it to look but that doesn’t mean I can’t hate my body right now."

She's expressing how a lot of moms feel about their bodies and that's totally okay!

Others took the time to encourage Channy to stick to her weight loss goals.

Instagram | @thelosingmumma

It's true that getting a routine is the hardest part, but soon it'll become second nature. Good luck, Channy! We can't wait to see more updates and realness from you soon.

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