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Kourtney Kardashian's Latest Wardrobe Malfunction Totally Shocks Instagram

Kourtney Kardashian is the fan favorite sister for a reason —sis keeps it real. Kourtney has never been afraid to be open and honest with the Keeping Up With The Kardashian viewers and honestly, she's a total icon for that.

Kourtney, like many of us, enjoys a little photoshop here and there.

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And look, if my pics were about to be viewed by nearly 80 MILLION Instagram followers, I think I'd enjoy a lot of photoshop.

Kourtney was recently PLAYED in a gnarly photoshop fail for her lifestyle website, Poosh.

Do you see her second thigh? No, you don't CAUSE IT'S NOT THERE.

Cut to Tuesday night, Kourtney Kardashian was out celebrating sister Kylies new skincare line, Kylie Skin.

Everyone looks totally gorg, right?

Kourt was rocking this super, super short mini dress that was covered in rectangular sequins.

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Kourt looks so stunning and so timeless —I can't believe she's 40!

Kris, Kourt and her sisters spent the night snapping pics and looking *totally* stunning while doing so.

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However, Kourtney took one pic that was too cute not to post!

Cozied up with close friend Stephanie Ann Shepherd, Kourt posed for a super cute pic in front of a neon sign that reads "love me" while cuddling a stuffed unicorn.

So in essence, an absolute MOOD!

However, people were SHOCKED but also so supportive of the lil' heart emoji she used to cover her nether region.

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Your fav could never have the courage!!!!

Kourtney continued to be an icon and I'm forever obsessed with her blase attitude.

Instagram | @kourtneykardashian

Let's all go out into the world and be more like Kourtney and her heart emoji, kk?