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15+ Dogs With Real Adult Jobs Who Are Making The World A Better Place

Let me lay down some facts that will change the way you live your life forever.

First off, dogs have jobs. Like, real jobs.

Second, they're better employees than you or I will ever be. Look at those faces. They are enjoying themselves. This could solve every problem in capitalist society.

Lawful Good

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This pup's job is to comfort children who are testifying in court.

Right off the bat, I feel lazy in comparison. I might as well retire.

Service With A Smile

Reddit | boyzlike3489

Doug works the service desk at a medical clinic. And he does a darn good job at it too.

Spiky Bois


Now I don't know who this dog is, or why he's it is that he's selling...but I do know one thing for certain:

He's a good boy.

In Dog We Trust

Reddit | courtanddarktyyyy

Biscuit was hired on as the Staff Morale Officer for National Trust.

I don't even work there and my morale is way up, so Biscuit must be doing something right.


Reddit | jobsdidit

I'm going to take this moment to clarify that I meant IT like the movie/book IT? The clown that hangs around in sewers? But he's a dog? So he isn't IT but he knows "Sit"?

At least I can say that I tried.

Bee Good


This dog's job is to sniff out diseased bee hives in order to save colonies before they're infected. We stan an eco-conscious pup.

Feelin' Husky

I would also let my dog run the grocery store conveyor belt if I could. 13/10 would make the right decision in this case.

Scene Queen

Reddit | monsterbash45680

As the dog mom of a Boston Terrier, I may be a little biased when I say that this pupper is going above and beyond to provide customers with the ultimate shopping experience. Good for him.

Gendry Baratheon, Lord Of Storm's End

Twitter | @gorshe56

Look at this proud boi, dedicating his life to protecting us from the White Walkers. I hear that Valyrian steel is half off today!

Doggy Paddle


I'm 100% on board with dog life guards. Sure, they may also save the occasional tennis ball, but it comes with the territory.

The Votes Are In

Instagram | @merryvern

Duke is the honorary mayor of a small Connecticut town, and he's a darn good mayor too.

Post Malone

Reddit | gorgetome

Jax the stamp-licker is the legitimate glue of our economy. Without him, society would crumble. These are just the facts.

RPG (Real Pup God)


This dog is helping to create a virtual reality video game. Look at him! Look at that good boy!!!

Pup's Anatomy

Petition for every doctor's office to have a comfort-dog assistant available at all times.

Sheriff's In Town


Though this pup may not be old enough to catch criminals yet, he still needs his dad to show him the ropes. He's their secret weapon.

A Wrench In The Plans

Reddit | yozzi349

Bob the Builder is shook.

License And Registration (And Maybe Treats?)


Don't you wish that every customer service experience was like this? I would fail my driving test on purpose just to go back and talk to this lovely pup again.

This Call Will Be Monitored To Ensure Fun And Love

Reddit | urerw

Forget employee of the month—this pooch is employee of the century. I'm talking multi-tasking, I'm talking effective communication, I'm talking service with a smile. Someone give him a raise.

Enjoy Your Stay


Any doubts I had about staying in this hotel have immediately lifted. This Corgi knows how to make a sale.

Customer Service

Reddit | yourmom_569

This dog's job is to follow you around the hardware store to show you where things are, hold things for you, and put them back if you don't want them.

I'm so far past impressed that it's not even funny. Good for him.

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