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Kitten Found Covered In Spray Foam In A Trash Can Expected To Make Full Recovery

In an increasingly divided world, there are surprisingly few things we can all agree on. Never mind which way the toilet paper should hang, heck, we can't even count on everybody agreeing that the world is round anymore.

One thing I sure hope we can all agree on, however, is that animal cruelty is wrong, unnecessary, and deserving of some harsh punishments. We can only hope that whoever is behind this latest case gets caught, too.

In a case that has shocked an Oregon community, a garbage collector discovered a horrible incident of cruelty toward a kitten.

Washington County Sheriff's Office

As KOIN reported, when emptying a trash can, the garbage collector noticed that the contents weren't coming out with ease.

So, taking a closer look, he found a kitten hanging upside down from its rear legs, and covered in spray foam. Through the foam, he could hear it whimpering.

The driver took the kitten right back to the depot where staff worked away at the spray foam to release the kitten.

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Once it was out of immediate danger, the workers took the kitten to a veterinarian's office.

"He looked like something out of a Halloween horror show," Dr. Diane Healey told KPTV. "It obviously hadn't been there too terribly long, or he would have suffocated...the head was covered, the face was covered, the legs were stiff, he couldn't move them."

Efforts to find the person behind the spray foaming of this 8-week-old kitten are well underway.

Washington County Sheriff's Office

In a statement, the Washington County Sheriff's Office said that the trash can came from a property "with multiple structures, including two residences and several rented buildings. The kitten likely belongs to one of two different feral cats that live on the property, both with litters of kittens. With people coming and going from the property, it's unclear who may be responsible for this act of animal cruelty."

Thankfully, the kitten appears to have a bright future.

Washington County Sheriff's Office

Veterinarians expect "Lucky" to make a full recovery from his ordeal. It's not certain exactly where he'll end up, however.

The sheriff's office said that he'd be returned to his owner, but the Hillsboro Veterinary Clinic, which treated Lucky, said he'll "be up for adoption once the investigation is closed and medical staff approves his release."

Lucky is definitely an appropriate name for this little guy.

Washington County Sheriff's Office

One thing we can be sure of in this case is that the kitten couldn't possibly have done anyone enough harm to deserve the fate of being encased in spray foam and left in a garbage can — but the fact that he was found and rescued, and at least gives this story a happy ending, shows just how fortunate he is.


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