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Women Are Sharing Photos Of Their Weight Gain To Prove That Skinny Isn't Always Healthy

While skinny might be what most people aspire towards, it doesn't always mean you're stronger or healthier for that matter. Just because you're slim doesn't ultimately prove that your body is at its best.

These women have all gained weight and are the living proof that Size 0 doesn't equate to being fit. You need to feed your body the right stuff and have the correct fitness level to stay healthy.

1. Patience Is The Key

Chandler Grady from Oahu knows what it takes to get from skinny to fit and that it takes longer than you may think. Be patient.

2. Take It Light

Emma says "Fitness and health should be a fun addition to your life, rather than the whole of it." And I think she's right.

3. From Insecure To Confident

There are no easy fixes and you're always a work in progress. That's what Julie believes in and that's what she's sticking to.

4. From Flab To Flex

Heather shows us that ladies shouldn't be afraid to put on some muscle because it does wonders for your physical and mental health.

5. From Unhappy To Happy

Angelica realized that caring about her body was the key to her finding the happiness she was lacking before. That and hard work pays off.

6. From Obsession To Success

Instagram | @emilyskyefit

Emily realized that you don't need to starve yourself in your pursuit to stay thin. She now eats and trains to feel her best.

7. From Tiny To Strong

Nikita knows why it's important to not judge the book by its cover. Always considered tiny, she worked hard to get strong and feels fantastic.

8. From Restriction To Freedom

Kenzie learned the hard way that food restriction just doesn't work. Now she knows that food is key to success and it definitely shows.

9. From A Twig To Fit

Instagram | @emi_inthegym

Emi listened to a lot of bad advice in the past about fitness and eating habits. Now she knows better and is much happier.

10. From Hating Your Body To Loving It

Instagram | @lizagoldenreal

As a model, Liza learned that size does matter. But thankfully things are actually changing in this industry as well.

11. When Hard Work Pays Off

You could be skinny all your life only to realize that you can embrace your curves and still look and feel good.

12. From Mom To Bikini Model

Becki shows us that even though she's a mom of three she can still achieve great goals like becoming a bikini model. Wow!

13. A Few Years Can Make A Big Difference

The photo on the left was taken two and a half years ago and it's easy to see how much this Instagram user's body changed with her 17-pound weight gain. Amazing!

14. Weight Gain Is A Sign Of Success

For this fitness influencer, gaining over 10 pounds meant that her body was getting stronger and she had to feed it properly. You don't get guns like those by dieting!

15. Learning To Love Food And Fitness

This Instagram user said she used to be "afraid" of food, but since committing to a balanced lifestyle, she's gained weight and feels much better.

16. There Is A Healthy Way To Gain Weight

Gaining muscle mass through a proper diet and exercise can improve your health and change how you look. It's not about eating anything and everything but making sure you choose foods that have high levels of nutrients.

17. Recovering From An Eating Disorder

Sarah is recovering from anorexia and gained about 88 pounds in nine months. Her transformation is quite drastic, but I'm glad to see she's on the road to recovery.

18. When You Feed Your Body, You'll Shine

So many people make the mistake of starving themselves to try and lose weight, when you actually need to feed your body so that you have the energy to stay active and build muscle.

19. Gaining Weight Can Change Your Perspective

Heather says that she used to weigh 110 pounds and counted every calorie. Now, she eats what she wants and has gained 25 pounds but feels way happier.

20. Looking Back

Many women don't realize how much progress they've made until they see the comparison through photos like these. Most of them say they're happier and healthier now.

21. Food Is Fuel

Melanie used to avoid food and worked out to burn as many calories as possible. Now, she's realized that food is the fuel her body needs to stay healthy.

22. From Illness To Health

Instagram | @juliabaessler

Julia got to the point where she feared gaining weight and at her lowest weighted 83 pounds. Now she feels healthier and stronger than ever.

These ladies are such an inspiration to me and hopefully to you as well.

Now I feel more motivated to get out there and get a workout in.

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