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Kylie Announces Travis Scott Vows To Donate Profits To Planned Parenthood

Tensions are at an all time high after the passing of the pro-life bill in Alabama earlier this month. Celebrities, politicians and influencers alike have expressed their concern and disagreement with this decision.

Among those protesting the law are Busy Philips, Reese Witherspoon, Lady Gaga and Jordan Peele.

In addition to the growing list, we can now add Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

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Kylie and Travis, who welcomed their baby girl Stormi into the world last February 2018, have also been affected by the decision made in Alabama.

A few days ago, Kylie posted an Instagram story of the now viral photo of the 25 men who helped pass this bill in Alabama, announcing to her 136 million followers that the picture "makes me sick."

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I feel you, girl!

This was the same picture Rihanna posted on her Instagram story just a few days before.

"These are the idiots making decisions for WOMEN in America" Rihanna wrote.

Kylie then posted this to her story, making the official announcement that Travis would be donating all merch proceeds from "Hangout Fest 2019" to Planned Parenthood.

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The donations will be done "in support of women in Alabama."

Travis had announced the news himself that same night on stage.

"I want to just donate my net profits from my merch today to Planned Parenthood...We feel for those out in Alabama."

He concluded, "I love y’all. I just wanted you to know that love is the strongest feeling we have."

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The crowd erupted in applause at the news.

The reactions online have been just as positive.

We need to offer support to those in Alabama, not isolate or abandon them.

Good for these two sticking up for what they believe in!

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Proud of them and the world they want to create for the next generation!