Here’s Where The Stars Of ‘The Biggest Loser’ Are Today

Okay guys, very funny, but no one is going to read an article about me.

What's that? It's about the show The Biggest Loser? Oh goodness me, how incredibly embarrassing.

Today, we talk "The Biggest Loser".


You remember that show where all the... uh... really hefty people all get together and lose weight? The one who loses the most weight is dubbed "the biggest loser" and they win a bunch of money?

Yeah, we're going to be doing a kind of "where are they now" segment. So ready yourself, dear viewer.

Ryan Benson: Before


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages, step right up to see the world's first "biggest loser".

The first ever to win the competition in 2004, only one question remains... did he keep off the weight?

Ryan Benson: Now

Inside Edition

Uh... doesn't look like it. In an interview with Inside Edition, he told them that he struggled to keep the weight off after the show and quickly slipped back into his bad habits.

Matt Hoover: Before


Next, we have the second winner of the competition (you might start to see a pattern here, folks).

This guy lost 157 pounds over the season, and he was coming from a whopping 339! Jeez!

Matt Hoover: Now


This story actually has a happy ending. So Matt ends up marrying the runner up on the show, Suzy, and they live together with their children.

They also, reportedly, eat pretty healthy.

Erik Chopin: Before


Look at that change! He goes from being an awfully big guy at the beginning of season 3 to a pretty ripped, healthy-looking dude at the end of it.

If you hadn't already guessed, he won that year.

Erik Chopin: Now


Look at that smiling face! Well, unfortunately for him, he's been fluctuating weight ever since the show ended.

He went down, then went back up and is now trying to get back down again. Good luck buddy!

Bill Germanakos: Before


Here we have the winner of the fourth season, a pretty good transition if you ask me.

Now the question here is... will he keep the weight off? Or will he let it slip?

Bill Germanakos: Now


His life turned out just fine folks.

He's the Vice President of a company called EdLogics, he's a motivational speaker and he only regained 37 of the pounds he lost!

Ali Vincent: Before


Here we see the first ever female winner of The Biggest Loser, which happened in Season 5.

Ali was trained by Jillian Micheals herself, and ended the competition at 122 pounds!

Ali Vincent: Now

Oprah Network

For seven years she was able to keep the weight off. Seven years!

Unfortunately, a teary-eyed Facebook post in 2016 revealed to the world she had gained most of it back.

Michelle Aguilar: Before


This woman won the first ever themed season of The Biggest Loser, Biggest Loser: Families.

It was a weird one, with people being split into groups, but the takeaway is this: Michelle won.

Michelle Aguilar: Now


Now she's married, she's written a book and while she doesn't disclose her current weight, she's really looking fantastic.

Luckily, this is one of the instances from The Biggest Loser where we get a happy ending.

Helen Phillips: Before


Finally, we're going to explore the whereabouts of the Seventh season winner, Helen Phillips.

She lost 140 pounds during the competition, which is honestly incredibly impressive.

Helen Phillips: Now


Michelle's "Now" story is pretty great. She was the oldest person to win the competition, and as of now, she's only gained back 18 pounds!

However, if you have one takeaway from the article it's this: they always tend to gain the weight back. Always.