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16+ Powerful Alabama Abortion Ban Protest Signs

As you probably already know, a recent ban on abortions in almost all circumstances has come out of Alabama— even in cases of rape and incest.

When people feel as though they aren't heard, they unite to raise their voices louder. Protests have emerged across the nation to fight the ban and to fight for reproductive rights.

And let me just say, 2019's level of sign-making is a whole other level of powerful.

Up Hill And Both Ways

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We only have the opportunity to fight for our rights because older generations of women paved the way for us to do so.

You'd think by now they'd get to relax and experience the fruits of victory, but the battle is far from over.

Flower Girl

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The contrast of these signs with stereotypical "feminine" things really drives the point home.


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If people who were Pro-Life were really Pro-Life, they would also support programs like Planned Parenthood and social assistance that provide help to those who were less than prepared to have a child.

Cindy LAWper


"Wake up, in the middle of the night my FATHER says "Whattya gonna do with your rights???"

Those are 100% the real words.

Fantasy Fiction

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It does kind of feel like we're in the midst of a dystopian nightmare. Can we all agree to wake up on three?

Move Over Bros

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What, you haven't heard the 72nd Amendment "Hoes Before Embryos"? Did you even attend history class?

Only Girl In The World

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What's a better soundtrack for feminine power than a good Rihanna jam?

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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Petition to make every law passed by congress written using rainbow stickers.

Don't Mess With Texas


One of the coolest things about these protests is seeing generations of women with different perspectives and experiences come together to fight for what they believe in.

Square Dancing

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Now is the time to color outside the lines, boys.

New Rules

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If abortion is illegal, shouldn't vasectomys be mandatory?

Straight Up

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I mean...VERY true.

On Wednesdays, We Fight For Our Rights


Those 27 white men of the Alabama senate don't even go here!

Simple, Yet Effective


The biggest fight is yet to come, so we've got to save some steam.

Lay Down The Law

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It seems only fair.

The Truth

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And yes, I mean everyone.

Sharing Is Not Caring


Pro-choice doesn't mean pro-abortion, it means pro-CHOICE.


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Wait, you didn't see the senators handing out those red robes in front of the White House? Hmm.

Right To The Point

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Sometimes theatrics aren't needed. In this case, a simple message proved to be extremely powerful.

Get The Guac Away From Me

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Maybe it's a little cheesy, but it get's the point across.