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10+ Hilarious Times Sophie Turner Proved That She's The Queen Of Our Hearts

Sophie Turner is a legend.

She's played one of the most iconic TV characters of all time, she married a Jonas brother, and she gives the funniest interviews in the world.

She's a queen, and it's time that we all appreciated her.

That time she and Joe got matching tattoos

The Disney-loving couple got their love for Toy Story inked on their wrists in 2018.

"To infinity" is across Joe's, and "& beyond" is on Sophie's. The star and rocket on Sophie's are so cute!

That time she and Joe eloped

Tumblr | guenhwyvaar

Sophie and Joe got a lot done on May 2nd.

They attended the Billboard Music Awards, where Joe performed with the Jonas Brothers.

Then, they took off to Vegas, found the right clothing, hit up a chapel with an Elvis impersonator, and got married. I c o n i c.

That time she taught us how to change a tire

YouTube | British Vogue

Changing a tire, but make it fashion.

In a video for Vogue UK, Sophie took us through the steps for changing a tire (tyre, for the Brits) when you're on your own.

I, for one, learned something from that video.

That time she and Jessica Chastain did this

Tumblr | captainmarvels

While promoting Dark Phoenix, she and Jessica Chastain brought out actual tea cups in order to make this bit work.

We stan two queens who commit 100% to spilling the tea.

That time she and Joe dressed up for Halloween

I never saw this coming, but Joe and Sophie as Gomez and Mortia makes so much sense.

Does anyone else want a reboot of The Addams Family with these two starring in it now?

That time she thanked Joe

Joe Jonas doing the absolute right thing by comforting Sophie while her period sent her for a spin made headline news.

Luckily, Sophie had time for a joke, but let's be real: she was probably in a lot of pain, because periods are the worst.

That time she addressed the infamous coffee cup

Tumblr | itsstevebucky

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Sophie explained how the actors dealt with the "coffee cup incident" on Game of Thrones.

Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau texted her after the episode, and only casually mentioned the coffee cup. What a troll.

The time she told this story

Tumblr | dianasofthemyscira

Given the fact that she was only 13 when the show started, I can only imagine the mortification of realizing that a hot boy is talking to you in front of your parents.

That time she called Piers Morgan a twat

Not only is it what he deserves, she was speaking on an important issue.

Sophie is a big advocate for mental health, and Piers is an advocate for making fun of celebrities who are trying to make the world a better place.

You can see why I'm on Queen Sophie's side.

That time she explained a "Game of Thrones" plot

Tumblr | ralts

This is definitely what happened to Joffrey.

I feel like Sophie is the perfect person to ask Game of Thrones trivia questions to. You won't get the right answer, but damn if you won't be entertained.

That time she praised Joe's drag

I honestly feel like so few of us can relate to our significant other dressing up as the character we play on TV, but this is still iconic.

Joe Jonas in drag, dressed up as Sansa? Good content.

That time she did this in a music video

Tumblr | stark

Like yeah, she's in a Jonas Brothers music video, and that's cool!

But that is not nearly as important as all the weird stuff she chose to do in that video, much of which involved her and foliage.


That time she dragged herself

Instagram | @sophiet

The key to surviving on social media is to post embarrassing pictures of yourself before your friends can.

Shout out to Sophie for never being afraid to make a meme of herself.

That time she did this

What's a girl to do when she sees her own face on a jumbotron?

The answer is to dance, half-dab, and then down her entire glass of red wine in one go.

That time she got really excited about seeing Ryan Gosling

Instagram | @sophiet

Before she was a married woman, Sophie had a major freak-out moment when she was seated in the vicinity of Ryan Gosling.

After she posted this pic, she captioned it "Sorry boys. I'm off the market."

That time she got a tattoo in memory of her grandpa

Instagram | @sophiet

This is the cutest and most touching tribute to a grandparent I've seen!

What a sweetie.

That time her and her fellow 'GOT' besties were caught ballin' on set

Instagram | @sophiet

Arya stuntin' in her sunnies, Bran showing some leg, and Sansa vaping. What more could we ask for from a behind the scenes photo?

That time she went for a rip in Bran's wheelchair

Tumblr | misskamala

Hopefully she didn't leave that coffee cup somewhere else for fans to scour every single scene for.

That time she attempted a choreographed routine to a Britney Spears song

Because who doesn't try to choreograph their own routines to "Baby One More Time."

She definitely nailed it.

That time she hopped on Instagram to drunkenly hype her girl Maisie Williams

She did save Winterfell, after all.

I hope my friends would do the same for me!

That time she showed us how to get glam.

Instagram | @sophiet

At least we know these sheet masks look just as terrifying on celebrities as they do on us.

That time we thought she was about to leave her beau Joe Jonas for Joffrey.

Instagram | @sophiet

Not to worry, Joe. Their relationship has long been over.

But what a plot twist this would be!

That time she found a different way to ski

For us amateur skiers, this is extremely relatable. It's really almost just easier to slide down the hill on your butt then try to coordinate all body parts to get yourself down the hill.