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Keanu Reeves Bought An Ice Cream Just So He Could Sign The Receipt For A Fan

Keanu Reeves seems like a genuinely awesome dude. From Bill and Ted to The Matrix to John Wick, his IMDB page speaks for itself.

But the stories from behind the scenes truly speak volumes about Reeves' character.

He's earned this reputation.

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Encounters between fans and celebrities can run the gamut from good to bad to indifferent, but it seems like every random story featuring Keanu Reeves is pretty much the most charming thing ever.

Remember this?

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Earlier this year, passengers on a flight from San Francisco to Burbank were excited to learn that Reeves was sharing their flight. But when the flight was grounded, things took an interesting turn.

Reeves was the real MVP.

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Passengers shared stories on Snapchat, showing Reeves' graciousness towards his fans. He even went the extra mile by renting a vehicle to take the passengers the rest of the way on an impromptu road trip.

The next story involves ice cream.

Ice cream and the nicest actor in Hollywood: it's a sweet combination. James Dator, a writer from SBNation, decided to share a story from his past in honor of the latest John Wick movie.

Let's set the scene.

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In a Twitter thread, Dator explained the scenario. In the long-ago year of 2001, right in the midst of the Matrix trilogy, Reeves sought respite in a Sydney movie theater.

He made quite an impression.

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If you do a quick Google image search, it quickly becomes apparent that Reeves has his own sense of style. He's not too worried about being incognito, which is probably why he gets recognized so often.

Dator hatched a scheme.

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Remember, in 2001, nobody had smartphones that could instantly snap a selfie. The old way of doing things when meeting a celebrity was to try to get them to sign something.

Like a boss.

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Needing a piece of paper to sign for his young fan, Reeves clearly realized the best option was a receipt. So he straight-up bought an ice cream cone just so he could sign the receipt.

It left quite an impression.

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Eighteen years after the original event, Dator concluded, "I realize later that he bought an ice cream cone he didn’t want, just to get receipt paper so he could scribble his autograph for a 16-year-old idiot."

Are there other Keanu reeves stories?

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Oh, you'd better believe there are other Keanu Reeves stories. Dator's Twitter thread set off a commenting frenzy. The replies confirm that Reeves is a super nice guy, even if he's not much of a Robin Hood fan.


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One thing these stories seem to share in common is that Reeves goes out of his way to make time for his fans, when he could just as easily breeze right past them.

He's always cool.

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From the Sad Keanu meme to the cyberpunk Neo look to...just randomly sitting on a fire hydrant in New York, Reeves always makes sure to be one cool-looking dude.

That's awesome.

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I mean, it's too bad that they weren't able to connect over the phone, but that's still a pretty incredible memory for an eight-year-old fan of the Bill and Ted movies.

He's a likable guy.

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These stories are enough to make just about anyone a fan of Keanu Reeves. But there's a lot more depth than just being nice to his fans. He's a deep thinker.

Do you have Keanu stories?

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Because after reading that thread, we're honestly thirsty for more tales of this guy's niceness. Share your thoughts, and your stories if you have them, in the comments section!

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