10+ Easter Eggs Fans Missed In The 'Game Of Thrones' Finale

Here we are folks, we've reached the end of Game Of Thrones. We've seen it all: the glorious season one all the way to now. Or... have we?

Cue suspenseful music.



Choo choo! All aboard the train to spoiler town!

No entry if you haven't seen the last episode of Game Of Thrones! Unless you don't care about spoilers, in which case, hop on!

Today we talk Easter Eggs.

Yes! The little nooks and crannies that you may have missed during Season 8, Episode 6 of HBO's critically acclaimed show Camping.

I'm just kidding, we both know it's Game Of Thrones.

The Lannister Lion.


First off, you can see in the opening credits that the Lannister lion above the throne has been smashed. Obliterated. It is no more.

Fitting, considering the tyrannical Lannisters have been... well, smashed. Oblitera... you get the picture.

The Horse.


Remember that random horse people were making all sorts of memes about? Well, it gets to make a quick cameo (or at least something representing it).

I'm pretty sure it's to signify that the little girl who was carrying a horse toy is dead, but I've been wrong before.

Dany's Hair.


An interesting thing about this episode is that Dany's hair is as wild as it's ever been.

I'm no genius or anything, but I'm pretty sure this is meant to signify that she's as wild as she's ever been.

Maester Aemon's Words.


Jon mentions the words of his old maester, back when he lost his father all the way back in Season 1.

However, he also said it when Jon lost his lover all the way back in Season 4.

The Stab.


Jaime and Jon happen to have a lot in common.

Both of them are [regal name]slayers, they both killed their monarch in similar ways (except one was in the front, the other was in the back) and they both have "J" names.

Jon's Lovers.


Jon has a pretty dramatic love life. As you can see, when one of his lovers dies, he likes to hold them around the neck and the lower back.

Probably because this is the most dramatic way to hold someone.

Grey Worm honoring Missandei.


We saw a change in Grey Worm after the death of Missandei. He was gaining some humanity, losing that Unsullied edge and then boop! She gets decapitated.

They let him keep his promise to her at the end, and we see that maybe he's regaining a shred of that humanity.

Sansa's Goodbye.


Sansa's goodbye to Jon at the end of the episode mirrors their reunion in Season 6. They give big hugs, close their eyes and really bask in each other's presence.

Careful Sansa, don't bask too hard. Jon has a weird relationship with maybe relatives.

Arya's Goodbye.


Same with Arya, except it's both their goodbyes that are similar this time.

And there's also a bigger gap of time: Arya and Jon say goodbye to each other in Season 1 and in Season 8.

West Of Westeros.


This episode wasn't the first time Arya asked "What's West Of Westeros".

She also did so in Season 6, where I'm assuming the seed for the idea was planted.

The title of the books.


You probably didn't miss this one, but just in case you had no idea this series was based on a couple of books: Sam dropped the title of the aforementioned papers with words on them.

Davos, the new King of grammar.


Davos had a very interesting relationship with his King Stannis, and it seems he carries on his legacy by being a grammar... um... Late 30s, Early to Mid 40s German Soldier.

Rulers of The North.


Finally, we see that the people who live in the North are fairly uncreative, and celebrate their new rulers, in the same way, every time.

The Iron Throne was first set fire by the dragon named Balerion the Dread and last set fire by Drogon.

I'm just curious how the throne was still intact after the fire blaze.

Brienne fulfills Jaime's promise in season 4.

Jaime had said, "It’s the duty of the Lord Commander to fill those pages. And there’s still room left on mine."

If you take a little rewind to the opening credits, you'll spot a crack in Cersei's map during the aerial shot of the floor.

And Tyrion walks over that exact map on his way to search for his brother and sister.

The way that Dany approaches The Iron Throne mirrors her vision back from season 2.

The attention to detail here across the last six season is insane. And the fact that people have noticed this comparison is just as wild!