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These Moms Shut Down The Haters Who Attacked Their Post-Baby Bodies

Even though more moms are sharing what their post-baby bodies look like, stretch marks, cellulite and all, there are still many people who believe in the myth in bouncing back after having a birth.

The fact is that having a baby usually causes permanent changes to your body, and many moms feel self-conscious about this. It doesn't help when online trolls try to body-shame moms through social media.

Find out how one group of moms shut those haters down with their positive message.

Bethanie Garcia is a mom to four and the blogger behind "The Garcia Diaries".

Through her blog, Bethanie shares real and honest posts about motherhood and body-positivity.

She's opened up about the pressure to be a perfect mom and the struggle she's had with accepting her postpartum body.

"Perfect motherhood does not exist. We all have REAL struggles and problems," she said in an Instagram post. I couldn't agree more!

Recently, Bethanie attended a conference for other parenting bloggers.

She posed for this photo with fellow bloggers Desiree Fortin, Meg Boggs, and Katie Crenshaw where these moms flaunted their postpartum bodies. The photo quickly went viral and received thousands of likes and comments on Instagram.

Online, many people praised the women for sharing their real bodies with the world.

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It's not easy to pose for a photo and show off your stretch marks and cellulite, let alone share that picture with millions of people online.

However, even though the photo was praised, online trolls tried to body-shame these moms.

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People commented that the moms' bodies were unhealthy or told them to start dieting. Why do these trolls think they can tell other people how their bodies should look?

After receiving these hurtful comments, Bethanie and the rest of the bloggers fired back with another post.

Bethanie said that these trolls missed the point of the photo which was, " show that all body types are beautiful."

Bethanie then told those trolls to learn from this experience.

"I want to encourage anyone who felt the need to leave any of the above comments to dig deeper, self-reflect, gain some perspective, learn. Your comment says WAY f*****g more about you than it does about us. Be better," she said.

You tell 'em, Mama!

Since posting their clapback, many people have shown support for the moms through Instagram.

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Why do these trolls feel the need to make negative comments in the first place? We should be focusing on the positives in life and trying to help each other out.

Some also shared how Bethanie and the other moms' posts have helped them.

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This is the reason why these posts and photos are so important. Many moms struggle with their postpartum bodies, especially when it seems that celebrities bounce back after giving birth.

I'm glad to see Bethanie and these other moms addressed the trolls head-on and will continue to post these body-positive photos.