'Game Of Thrones' Is Over But Fans Are Still Convinced That Bran Is Evil

So we've reached the end of Game Of Thrones. It was a finale to go down in history. But the question remains... what does the future hold for you? And more importantly, what does the future hold for me?

Spoilers ahead!


So, yeah, if you haven't seen the very last episode of Game Of Thrones yet, then you should probably turn away from your computer right now. Just pretend you're a vampire and I'm showing you a crucifix.

They must be gone now.


So we can talk finale.

And wow, what an ending.

Sure, some people have rated it awfully low, in fact, they've done so with the whole season, but others thought it was a pretty decent ending.

Bran gets to sit on the Iron Throne.


Or, at least, what remains of the Iron Throne. I'm still going to call it that, because "smoldering remains of a really pointy chair" doesn't really have the same ring to it.

We also lost Daenerys


Which was kind of a bummer, especially because she was killed by her nephew/lover. Jeez, and I thought I've had some pretty rough relationships end badly, I couldn't imagine being these two.

Tyrion had a pretty good story arc.


All in all, people are mostly satisfied with the way Tyrion's character was handled throughout the series.

The low moment for me was when he killed Tywin while the poor guy was at the john.

#RIPTywin #TywinSpinOff

And yes, I was wrong about Arya.


I've talked a lot in the past couple of weeks about Arya sitting on the Iron Throne, and yes, I was wrong.

I knew all my devoted fans were ready to rub that in my face, but I can't be right all the time.

But let's go back to Bran.


I've written a lot about Bran in my time as a writer. I've explored his story, his relation to the Night King, at this point I'd consider myself a certified Bran expert.

I've also talked before about how he might be evil.


A strange notion, or at least I thought it was until I read all these theories that kind of swayed my opinion. He does seem like the secretly evil type, doesn't he? Has a real Bond villain vibe to him.

Well, I've run into yet another theory like that.


And this one says that the events of last couple episodes have all been influenced by him. That he was manipulating everyone around him in order to gain the eventual title of king.

Boom. Brain blast.

Let's go back...


So there's the theory that he manipulated Drogon/Daenerys into burning down King's Landing, which was covered before.

Lot's of proof that it was him, Drogon was in Bran's vision, after all.

Then, take in how quickly he got to King's Landing.

To be crowned King, I mean. Plus, there's that one conversation him and Tyrion have before the Battle Of Winterfell, and the camera pans away.

He also stoked the flames of the Jon/Dany drama.


He spills the beans about Jon's true heritage, and as we all know Jon is the one who eventually murders his aunt/nookie partner. This is starting to sound like something out of some backwoods part of the country the more I type it.

What if Tyrion knew he was evil all along?


I mean, he's a pretty smart guy, what if he and Bran made a deal. What if Tyrion always knew he'd become Hand Of The King, a position he kind of enjoyed.

People are already all over this.

And it might be an interesting concept if they were ever going to do an epilogue. Or maybe if that petition goes through and they remake season 8.

What do you think?


Is Bran evil? Or are we just trying to make connections that aren't there? I mean, now that the series is officially over, what else do we really have?