15+ People Who Are Truly Giving It Their All, We Think

It's the thought that counts, right?

Even if things don't ever go exactly as you planned them, we the people can come to appreciate it when a decent effort is made.

Though these folks didn't get the end result they wanted, at least they gave it their all.

Extra Foam

Art can come in many forms, though I'd hesitate to say that this is one of them.


Twitter | @EefLovely

The hoodie looks more surprised at the outcome of this situation than its owner does. Not sad, just disappointed.

Snow White

Not the best portrait, but it was at least taken out of love.

Poor chameleon dog.

Gut Rot

It's always best to trust your gut when it tells you that something isn't quite right. When you ignore a message from the universe, it tends to give you another one full force.

Polar Express

Reddit | 564869_7895

Word of advice: if you ever think that it's a good idea to drive on a frozen lake, you're wrong. So, so wrong.

Shoeless Joe

Reddit | potria46

This dad just wanted to cook a nice meal for his family, and now there are multiple problems to solve. Time for takeout?

Master Chef


Recreating a pinterest recipe is a secret art that is never properly shared.

You can try as hard as you want, but be aware that your creation will always be horrific in comparison.

Love Is An Open Door


Ah, the old "I screwed up and need help, but the person helping me also screwed up so now we need more help" situation. Messing up cam be a chain reaction.

Guess Who


Close, but not quite what we were looking for. Would you like to choose from a number of our consolation prizes?

You Jump I Jump

Reddit | doverkinggg

Ever hear the expression 'fanning a fire'? That's kind of what's going on here.

You Give Love A Bad Flame


If you ever get the urge to take a photo of an ongoing disaster, maybe turn that urge into motivation to stop the disaster instead.

Cold Feet

Reddit | uradome

Ohhhh, that's where I put my shoes to keep them safe.

Sick Moves Bro


I'm going to start rating things with this now.

"On a scale of one to medium rare chicken strips, how sick am I making you right now?"

Bleeding Love


Pro Tip: cutting boards normally don't go in the oven.

Another Pro Tip: ever heard of Postmates?

Hey Look It's My Emotional Stability!

Reddit | boyohboy347

Sometimes you try to fix a mistake and it's so painfully obvious that the fixing just made it worse but you've already come this far and no one will notice right it's not that bad it'll be fine IT LOOKS FINE.

The Art Of Subtlety

Reddit | moreplz459

So well intended; so badly executed.

Can You Do The Can Can


Why does the universe punish people who are simply trying to do good in the world? Can I have one day? Just one day???

The Bird Whisperer

Reddit | blddandfire

Should this guy have just ignored the pigeon and continued on working his job? Probably. Did he need to set up a capture device? Likely Not. Was he successful? No damn way.

But did he try his very best? Absolutely.


Reddit | someBODY

Should we...should we tell her? Or should we just leave it and see if she'll eventually figure it out? Hmmm...