12+ Tweets That Perfectly Describe People's Thoughts On The 'Game Of Thrones' Series Finale

Alright you guys, we did it. We made it through the entire Game of Thrones series.

Sure, the final season had its controversies, but can we really say that it was bad?

If you're asking Twitter then the answer is yes, yes we can.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

This was one of the moments in the episode that needs to be called out.

It was beautifully shot, and probably the best scene from the entire episode.

I would say don't @ me on this but it's probably too late.

Where's the lie?

Jaime and Cersei needed to shuffle just a few feet over, or even just crawl under a table or something, and they would have lived.

But then they wouldn't get to see their son again.

And you just know that Joffrey is going to be giving them the royal tour of hell.

Very few people saw this moment coming.

A lot of people were convinced that it was going to be Arya to kill Dany, which made this moment a lot more raw and emotional.

Pause. Let's talk about this.

First of all, I forgot that Robin even existed.

Second of all, helllllllllooooo, you are adorable.

A lot of people placed bets on who would take the Iron Throne.

Can someone tell me who legitimately thought that it would be Bran? Anyone?

This person had a different idea for the ending.

Aw, how sweet. Jon could make a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy...

Which do you think?

I love the idea that the dragon was just really stupid. He just did what Dany told him to and got mad at a pointy chair. Good boy, Drogon. You tried your best.

I'm just happy that Samwell didn't die, tbh.

And yes, we should let the dogs have a vote. Ghost is a valuable member of society, thank you very much.

Sansa really said that huh.

Am I the only one who would like to know just exactly how she knows this deeply personal detail about Bran?

People had some concerns about Arya.

I mean, they had this perfect little murder mystery machine in Arya, and didn't use her? Choices...

Dany's plan was maybe not the most solid.

Daenerys had a pretty admirable goal, I think, but her methods were... not the best.


All I know is that Hodor is rolling in his grave over this mess.

People weren't exactly sure the people of the Seven... Six Kingdoms would accept Bran.

King Bran the Broken might be a little too weird for the paranoid people of the realms. Not everyone's going to be a fan of his magical powers, or who his father is.

Was anyone else half expecting the actors to look up and wink at the camera during this moment?

It was a little on the nose, wouldn't you say?

This is an important question.

But just like Bran knew that Jon needed to be exactly where he was, I'm sure that Arya's journey is the right move for her.

I would watch the CRAP out of this show.

As long as we got the odd cameo from Sansa, Jon, Bran and even Samwell.

Someone made a good point here.

Nobody on this show is particularly innocent when it comes to the "killer" moniker. Especially not Arya.

There were some questions about some loose ends.

Daario is probably not going to be very happy about what's gone on in Westeros, but the show wasn't too concerned with that.

You can't please everyone.

A lot of people were upset that Jon didn't pet Ghost a few episodes ago.

Now that he finally did, people still aren't happy?

Okay, *some* people are happy.

Sure, it doesn't make up for all the times the show-runners failed to please fans this season, but you can bet that it helps.

At least they lived happily ever after?

Tell us your thoughts! We want to know what you thought of the series, as well as its finale.

Some people were not very happy with the finale.

Like this person's dad. But at least we'll always have the earlier seasons all together, and no finale can take that away from us.