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Some Fans Are Upset After Marvel Shared A Photo Of The Women In 'Avengers: Endgame'

We're talking Avengers: Endgame today on this episode of "Talkin' Movies And TV with J.B."

Cool name, huh? I tried to option it to Netflix, but they stopped returning my calls :(


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Yes, this article will contain a lot of boilers, so watch yourself.

What's that? Oh, how silly of me, I meant to say "spoilers".

Funny how many times I've gotten those two mixed up.

But seriously, there be "Endgame" spoilers ahead.

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So if you have yet to see the movie, then it's probably best you close your laptop right now... because oh my god there's a spoiler right behind you now and if you don't close your laptop it's going to reveal that...

Are they gone?



Don't worry reader, there's nothing behind you except for that spirit who watches you while you sleep. But don't turn around, because if you do he'll get really angry.

Enough with the jokes, Jake.

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Right, save it for my one-man show.

Endgame was awesome, wasn't it reader?

The fan service, the action, that one shot where Captain America is facing all of Thanos' army and it looks really cool and cinematic.

There were a ton of amazing scenes.

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The final battle was definitely one of them. The artwork ALONE was enough to make our souls leave our bodies.

Arguably one of the best ones was when Cap held Thor's hammer.

Get your head out of the gutter, you know what we mean.

Fans will never get over it.

Yes, it was quite the event.


An event that garnered Disney/Marvel/The people who run all of media about $2.6 Billion Worldwide, making it the most money-making movie since that one with all the blue people. That's right, Smurfs 2.

One scene in particular stands out in my mind.

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One that I can really only call the "girl power" scene. Those who have seen the blockbuster event of the decade will know what I'm talking about, others should have their laptop closed.

It's the final battle with Thanos.


And the Avengers are seemingly getting beat.

However, Captain Marvel comes down and, with the help of the other women of the Marvel Universe, they beat Thanos like a dirty old rug.

One female character is absent though.


And that's Black Widow. Why? Well, it's because earlier in the movie she sacrificed herself in order to get the soul stone. In other words, the final battle wouldn't have been possible without her.

In general losing Natasha really killed everyone.

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She was tired, depressed, and angry.

She had a family, and everything got torn away from her. And she didn't even get to be reunited with them in the end.

Before we continue, let's cry a little.

Wow, this tweet got to us.

Natasha deserved better, that much is for sure.

Anyways, the girl power scene was pretty sweet.

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And it was commemorated with the above picture.

Posted a couple days ago, it features all the best female characters.

However, some people aren't so happy about the picture.


Who you ask? Is it the alt-right trolls striking again? Is it the incels complaining about how girls shouldn't be powerful? Is it 4chan looking to stir up some trouble once more?

No, it's just regular fans.

They think that Black Widow should've been included in the picture, considering she was the first female superhero to be included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They're also missing a couple more.


Specifically, they don't have Maria Hill and Valkyrie, the latter being one of my favorite female characters in the MCU. I know they weren't looking for my opinion, but they should have.

Luckily, one user "fixed" the photo.

And there we go, look at how naturally those three fit into that picture! It's like they were there the entire time!

Good on you... @HILL ROMANOFF. Huh, how fitting.

Honestly, I think they just took the pic after shooting the scene.


And obviously ScarJo (Black Widow), Valkyrie and Maria Hill weren't there for that fight, so they couldn't have been included.

This hasn't stopped Twitter from being outraged, a rare emotion for the site's users.

What do you think?


Do you, the level headed Diply user, think that they have a point being p/o'ed?

Or do you think this is yet another overreaction?

Psh, someone on the internet overreacting! That'll be the day!