'Game Of Thrones' Fans Are Convinced Than Bran Was The Cause For Daenerys' Rampage

Good evening (or morning, afternoon, whatever, you don't know me) ladies and gentlemen.

On this fine day, the [current day] of [current month] or [current year] we're going to talk Game Of Thrones.

Remember that series? Isn't this article so fresh/so retro/what the heck is Game Of Thrones?

Okay people, gather round.


We're going to talk about the most recent season of Game Of Thrones. That, of course, is Season 8, so if you're still hanging out on Season 2, put the laptop down, pick it up and stream some GoT.

Oh yeah, and there will be spoilers.


If you hadn't already guessed. While you're streaming make sure to bookmark this article so that you can come back to it when you're done. Please do, my self worth is equal to the number of hits this article gets.

Alrighty, so, here we go.

Now that the slowpokes are gone, we can talk some Season 8. Let's just say it hasn't been... a universal favorite of the fans.

This is the part where I usually say:

"Some people enjoyed it, some people think it's terrible", but you're hard pressed to find someone who actually genuinely enjoyed the most recent season of the hit TV show.

Sorry David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, but you're not really all that popular atm.

Most people hate the way some characters have been treated.


Others hate the plot holes, others hated the lighting of certain episodes, others... well, most people hated the way the characters were treated.

Especially the Lannister twins, Tweedle Jaimie, and Tweedle Cersei.

However one thing has been blossoming...


And that would be the fan theories.

Mostly about how the show might end. I think we have a good idea of how they're probably going to end it (i.e. Daenerys vs Jon: The Thrilla In King's Landing...a).

But people dare to dream.


Especially about one of the youngest living Starks and also the most handicapped, Bran. I've written many articles about the Stark boy, so you could say I'm a real expert on him.

But nothing could've prepared me for this.


Let's go back to the most recent episode of Game Of Thrones, known as "the second last one" by cool cats and "Season 8, Episode 5" by lame-o nerds. You know who you are.

Our pal Daenerys was having a bad day.


And by "having a bad day" I mean she totally committed mass genocide, which, as days go, is pretty darn bad if you ask me.

But why?


This flame-broiled temper tantrum appeared seemingly out of nowhere. One moment she's saying "I'm not here to be the queen of ashes" and the next she's, well, turning everything into ashes.

This is where Bran steps into the fray


We are all well aware of Bran's sweet warg powers. And we know that he's (kind of, probably) the Three-Eyed Raven. Now, this is where things get weird, so pay attention.

One Reddit user thinks Bran warged into Dany.


In order to destroy King's Landing. The user, named ratcliffeb thinks that Bran used his powers to take over Dany so that she would destroy King's Landing and the Red Keep.



Well myself, it's because some believe the Three-Eyed Raven wants to destroy humanity in order to bring balance to the world.

If Dany destroys King's Landing, the other lords will revolt against her, there's a big war and bingo bango, humanity implodes in on itself.

But, don't take it from me.


This theory has blown up over Twitter. Don't believe me?. Check out these tweets, and then maybe that will change that know it all tune of yours. I'm kidding. Please don't leave me.

Seriously though, what do you think?


At the time of writing, the new episode comes on pretty soon. So, if this article was right, we can all praise how smart and pretty I am. If not, then please let me be wrong in peace.

I'm back! I time-traveled into the future to see whether I was right or not.

It looks like I wasn't, although... maybe I was. Sure, nobody confirmed that Dany was warged by Bran, or that there was anything he could've done to stop this...

But who ended up on the Iron Throne?

That's right. Bran. King Bran the Broken (bad luck on the nickname, buddy, I'm sorry). It looked like everything worked out exactly the way Bran wanted it to after all.

"But Bran wasn't evil!" You cry. Well, think again.

Bran makes a comment in the last episode as they're all discussing where poor, grieving Drogon went off to, that maybe he would find him himself. That's pretty much confirming that he could warg into the dragon.

So why didn't he warg into Drogon to stop the burning of King's Landing?!

Exactly. Bran could have helped, but didn't, and now he's King of the Seven... er, six? Kingdoms. What's to stop him from having just taken that extra step to make sure Dany went full Mad Targ on the people of KL?

What do you think? Was Bran maybe the real villain all along?