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The Towelkini Combines Towel And Swimsuit Cover-Up For The Ultimate Beach Outfit

Here's a scenario for you:

You've just arrived at the beach. It's a beautiful, sun-shining day, and the crystal blue water is basically beckoning to you with curling fingers.

You find an empty spot on the sand and settle in for a day of sunscreen, cold drinks, and occasional dips into the water. But as you reach into your beach bag to retrieve your towel and/or cover-up, you're shocked to find you've forgotten it.

If this sounds like a problem you've encountered before, we have just the solution for you.

Instagram | @ariamcmanus

Introducing the Towelkini, because when it comes to deciding between looking stylish or being comfortable, the answer should be both.

The Towelkini is a towel combined with a swimsuit cover-up, so you'll never forget one or the other again.

Instagram | @ariamcmanus

According to Best Products, this product of fashion ingenuity was created by New York-based designer Aria McManus and was first released in July 2018.

The outfit's design lets you effortlessly transform from horizontal sunbather to enviable sand goddess.

Instagram | @ariamcmanus

The Towelkini keeps your legs and arms exposed for optimum tanning capabilities.

There's also some significant exposure in the butt-area so I'd suggest you opt for at least wearing bathing suit bottoms to avoid getting too cheeky at the public beach.

It's made from "the finest grade of terry cloth" and comes in two colors: Hot Pink or Athletic Gold.

But who are we kidding? You're thinking about getting one of each, aren't you? Well, if you can afford the $199 price tag then I say go for it, it's your world.

So this summer, why not let yourself be the star of the beach in your very own Towelkini?

Instagram | @ariamcmanus

You'll set some hearts racing and feel ultra comfy while you do it, so it's basically a win-win.

The only downside? The tan lines. But who ever said fashion didn't have its price?

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