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YouTuber Forced To Delete Video Of His Black Cousin 'Peanut' After Racist Backlash

Cole LaBrant and his family may not sound familiar to you, but with over 9 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube, they are pretty dang familiar to a lot of people. The LaBrant family creates content like prank videos about giving away their daughters dog, and just last year they were accused of faking an evacuation from their house due to the California wildfires.

If that wasn't bad enough, Cole LaBrant's Instagram bio reads as follows, "Living for God, not for man. I’m in love with my sexy wife and 2 beautiful daughters."

So already, we know we're in trouble, lol.

Cole posted a video onto his Twitter that is so tone deaf it truly boggles the mind.

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The video features "cousin peanut" acting as a stepping stool to help a young girl onto a swing.

"Peanuts" real name is Truman LaBrant, and he is in fact Cole's real cousin, adopted into the family by Cole's uncle and aunt.

Here's a video from back in 2017 where "peanut" is making slime with the LaBrant family.

The original video tweet was captioned by LaBrant, "this is my adopted cousin, Peanut, helping girls get off and back ON the swings."

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He concluded, "We all need to be more like Peanut."

The video, which has since been deleted from LaBrants account, continues to live on on Twitter.

Needless to say, people are disgusted with LaBrant and his entire family.

The family in the background of the video can be heard admiring "peanut" and clearly thinking what he was doing was adorable.

You can hear one woman saying, "Oh my goodness, sweet boy."

Even if the video had good intentions (???) allowing "peanut" to be perpetuated as a stool is so incredibly tone deaf.

Twitter was rightfully up in arms about LaBrant's behaviour.

The video has gone so viral it garnered a response from Bernice King, Martin Luther King Junior's daughter.

Bernice wrote on Twitter, "the video you shared isn’t cute to us. It’s not cute for a Black boy to be a stool."

The LaBrant family has yet to reply to the backlash, and it's questionable if they will at all.

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Which is incredibly disappointing considering how problematic their video was and how many people they offended.

Hopefully we hear a sincere apology from them soon.