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9+ Seriously Iconic Twitter Reactions To Robert Pattinson Being Cast As Batman

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... yet another actor playing Batman! Honestly, I'm still waiting for my turn to act as the Caped Crusader. I don't know how I'm gonna play him, but I know it's gunna be iconic.

It seems Robert Pattinson is going to be the next Batman.

It's not 100%, but it's pretty much confirmed.

Oh, there's a vampire joke in here somewhere... um... oh god... more like, "turn into a Bat"-Man... Okay, I know.

I'll turn in my resignation once the article is over.

Some are for it, some aren't.

Instagram | @official_robertpattinson

And today, we're going to go through some of the best reactions the internet has had so far.

So come on in folks, stay a while, because we're heading to the dark, mysterious plains of Twitter.

Some are still on that "Team Edward" train.

And darn... I wish I had a good Vampire/Batman joke here. Let's see... I dunno about you guys, but I'm pretty sure he'll have to play the Batman from Earth-43. You know the one where Batman becomes a Vampire? Ah, too specific.

#TeamJacob btw.

On the other hand, people are still hating on "Twilight"

Listen, I was a strong red-blooded boy when Twilight came out, so I was never a fan, but are we really still hating on its actors?

I mean, were they really that bad, or did they have little to work with?

Here's a guy that is into Robert's acting.

Twitter | @DillonM_81

I've personally never seen Good Time, but honestly the term "greatest movie of the decade" often doesn't get thrown around all that much. Psh, especially on the internet, where everyone is so level headed!

Here are more people who support the guy.

I wish I had known that Robert Pattinson had done all this arthouse cinema, maybe I would've checked it out... what's that? Oh, a new Marvel movie just came out? Back to the bottom of the list you go, arthouse cinema!

There are the weirdos out there.

Ah, yes, the bottom of his face is definitely... chiseled.

Not as chiseled as the one on Taylor Lautner though... rowr! Actually, is it too late to switch Edward for Jacob in the B-Man role?

Former Torontonian deputy mayor Norm Kelly chimed in.

He doesn't like the look, and honestly, I base most of my movie-going experience on what Norm Kelly recommends. Sorry Robert, maybe next time you should try to please Norm, buddy.

One Twitter user gave the Batcave a punny name.

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So what, are we going to have to change Batman's name to Bruce Cullen now? Oh god... that was awful! Don't worry, I'll come up with a good Vampire Batman joke by the end, mark my words.

Here's another Robert hater.

Ah, using the old "vampires glitter" joke again. So far, through my hours of research, this has been the only joke people who hate him as Batman can come up with. Huh, a lack of originality on the internet! Weird!

A lot say ol' Rob is gunna clown on those fools.

YouTube | MsChristina70

Which, honestly, could possibly be the case. You never know until we step out of the movie... wait, do we even know what kind of movie he'll be in as Batman? Like are we talking Justice League or a new kind of Nolanverse thing?

Then, of course, you've got these two together.

Which, honestly, would be pretty freaking awesome. Something tells me we'll get the Joker origin story and then Pattinson's first Batman with Phoenix's Joker. Uh, can you say fireworks, folks?

Well, if I hated this idea, this would've been my joke.

And honestly, even though I don't hate Pattinson as Batman, it's pretty good. Darn you, Twitter user, being a lot funnier than I am! I'm coming for you, ThunderFerret, this rivalry is far from over!

Some people were quick to remind others of another moment like this.


An apt comparison, if you ask me. Years ago, people thought Michael Keaton as Batman would have been ridiculous, and where are those haters now? Off hating somewhere else, because Keaton was awesome as the Dark Knight!

What do you think of the choice?

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Think Robbie will do a good job? Or do you think this movie will crash and burn like some other franchises I dare not mention? And that was either a Twilight joke or a DC Universe joke, you decide.