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The 'Criminal Minds' Cast Is Posting Goodbye Photos As The Series Comes To An End

Oh wow! I love Gowan! I get to write an article about his song, man, that's a tune! A criminal mind is all I, all I ever had... what's that? Oh, it's about Criminal Minds the show... how embarrassing.

So it's all coming to an end.


After fifteen glorious seasons, we finally have to watch the final season of Criminal Minds. We'll get to see all of our favorite character's arc's tied up... in 2020.

Yeah, a bit of a wait.


But who cares?

It seems everything we've once loved is ending. The Marvel Cinematic Universe got it's big "culmination", Game Of Thrones is ending, and now this? What's next, you're going to cancel Crazy Ex-Girlfriend???

But for now, let's enjoy the good.

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The cast came out with some awesome photos of the last days of filming.

So, while we all cry into our respective Matthew Gray Gubler body pillows, let's reflect on these pictures and try to find joy in them.

Here we get a picture from Aisha Tyler aka Dr. Tara Lewis

And look at that! They all got matching rings! Kind of like a frat, except I assume without all the keggers and abusing illegal substances. Then again, you know what they say about assuming.

Next up, we get one from Joe Mantegna aka David Rossi.

Twitter | @JoeMantegna

Ahh yes, ol' Diamond Joe. In this beautiful, loving tweet he addressed to all of the fans out there, including you and I. But not you, Stephen. You know what you did.

Third on the docket we have Paget Brewster, aka Emily Prentiss.

Who responded to Joe's tweet with such a sweet, heartfelt message it's starting to make me realize we might not ever see these characters on screen together again... oh no!

Reality's setting in! This wasn't supposed to come until 2020!

Joe shares another picture, this time of the final table read.


He describes this moment as "bittersweet" and I don't blame him in the least bit. I've been to some last days of work, but nothing compared to influencing a whole generation with a hit crime show.

Aisha Tyler and Matthew Gray Gubler aka Dr. Spencer Reid are next.

And they showed up in matching jumpsuits, which is absolutely adorable.

I honestly think that jumpsuit Monday should be a thing at every single job out there. Except for maybe pilots, cause they do it every day.

Daniel Henney aka Matt Simmons shared this photo.

It's all of them in their FBI gear. Simple and oh so sweet, Daniel.

Then MGG brings out the big guns.


He zooms into the hands in Daniel Henney's photos and as you can see, the cast are all holding on tight to each other. Oh god, they're like kids going to Kindergarten!

Next, it was Kirsten Vangsness aka Penelope Garcia's turn.

She shared a picture of that wacky desk of hers. Oh, Penelope, what will I do without your wackiness and your positivity in my life? Specifically on CBS around 10:00 PM on Wednesdays?

After the desk...


She posted this picture of the makeup room's walls. Which are of course captured memories of beautiful friendships. Friendships that will hopefully stay alive even after the show is finally gone.

Next in the lineup was A.J. Cook aka Jennifer Jareau.

Who shared a bunch of photos of her and her castmates, alongside, you guessed it, a long heartwarming caption.

Oh god, just listen to those words (or, you know, read them. I can't really do it for you).

We get to see this picture of Joe and his stunt double.

And honestly, this one is hilarious and heartwarming!

It's always nice to see actors giving the stuntmen the respect they deserve. Unlike some certain award shows... ahem Academy Awards ahem...

Finally, here's master MGG with his cast mates...

Instagram | @gublergram

"Slurping up every last minute of joy".

Well, we'll do the same, Matthew.

Just you wait until 2020, we'll be slurping up all the Criminal Minds we can get our mouths on... Alright, this is getting weird, I'm gonna end it here.