This 'Game Of Thrones' Theory Has Fans Thinking That Arya Might Already Be Dead

Jake Bean
Jake Bean
May 17, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of all ages, step right up and watch the fool on the internet talk Game Of Thrones! Come on folks! Two bits a gander!



Watch yourself folks, I hear tell stories about spoilers ridin' round these here parts. So if y'all haven't seen Game Of Thrones up to Season 8, Episode 5, then I reckon you should just high tail it outta here.

Now that those guys have left...


Let's have a quick chat about the newest episode of Game Of Thrones. That is, the fifth episode of the eighth season, titled: 'The Bells'.

We'll recap, talk theories and be done in time for tea.

Things got "Hot, Hot, Hot" in King's Landing.


So hot I'm surprised "The Merrymen" weren't kicking around! Oh yeah, that's the absolute pinnacle of comedy folks. Don't you worry, there's much more to come, just keep reading.

But seriously, a lot of people died.


Besides some of the cool named characters, including the Lannister twins, a whole bunch of unnamed people in King's Landing were burned by Dany going all psycho.

But one of the people in King's Landing survived.


And that was young Arya.

She was attempting to carry people out of the city, being all heroic and stuff. I mean, she is a Stark, and they tend to be pretty caring.

And she totally shouldn't have.


Escaped, I mean, not save people.

I mean, how is it that she managed to literally dodge dragon fire while everyone else burned away?

In the words of my editor, it was "dumb AF".

Editors note: it was dumb AF.

She also got one heck of a beating.


Seriously, she was so battered when she got out of King's Landing that she should've died from blood loss alone! Then again, who dies from blood loss in TV shows?

Dumb AF indeed, dumb AF indeed...

Well... maybe she didn't make it out?

Oooh, now that's a title.

What kind of symbolism do you think D&D (creators David Benioff & D.B. Weiss) are working with here?

According to the internet, they can't even wipe their own rears!

Yes, this has to do with yet another fan theory.


I honestly can't get enough of these things. I love how the internet comes up with all sorts of theories about how the show is/might go, only to be terribly disappointed.

Remember that random white horse that showed up at the end of the episode?

Twitter | @ashish_ambat

I'd like to take a moment to point out just how beautifully shot this scene was. Hats off to whoever was in charge of putting this together.

So yeah, thanks to that horse, the theory is that she might be dead.


And even though we've seen Arya nearly die a few times throughout the series now, this could be the real deal.

One fan pointed out the symbolism behind the horse, in relation to Revelation 6:8.

So if Bible verses are kind of your thing, this theory could be really be resonating with you right now.

If they're not your thing, don't worry, we have more proof.

Did you notice that the little girl Arya was trying to save was carrying a white horse?


You couldn't miss it. It was also white as the snow the Starks surround themselves in.

People think the horse she eventually sees is the spirit of that toy.


Ready to take her vengeful spirit to the seven hells.

Oh, did you think Arya was going to heaven?

The Wrap

With all the murder she's committed? I don't think so, and she doesn't even follow the lord of light! Heathen scum.

Some people are already jumping on this "horse" ha.

People on Twitter are looking at this theory like it might be true. There's really only one way to find out... if Arya appears in anything but a coffin next episode, we'll know for sure.

Unfortunately, this doesn't fit into my narrative of her sitting on the Iron Throne.


So I'll have to call the whole thing bogus. I'm sorry theorizers, maybe next time you should write a theory that's more in tune with my beliefs.

And as some people have pointed out, you can actually see Arya in the promotion for the final episode.

So while this theory would be wild, I wouldn't go betting on Arya's death in any betting pools today.

It was just nice to think that at least one of the characters on this show would have an unpredictable plot twist.

We're still crossing our fingers for a wild finale!

What do you think?


Do you think Arya is d-e-a-d, dead?

Or do you think she'll come back in the next episode for another sneak kill? Obviously, I hope she's alive, lest I become one of the worst things to be... wrong.