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Here's Why Cardi B Told Moms To Stop Leaving Their Babies Alone With Their Boyfriends

Even though we usually know her for her amazing hit songs and wicked sense of humor, Cardi B has taken to Twitter to share an important message with moms.

While many fans were initially confused by Cardi's plea for moms to stop leaving their children alone with their boyfriends, she actually brought awareness to a serious and common situation.

Take a look at the meaning behind her tweet and what others had to say.

Cardi B is a record-breaking female rapper and became the mom of a little girl last year.

She and her husband, Offset, named their daughter Kulture and announced her birth on Instagram.

Since becoming a mom, Cardi has kept it real with her fans when it comes to the less glamorous aspects of parenting.

She tweeted out that she hated changing diapers, and also revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair that she had suffered from postpartum depression.

But Cardi has also been inspirational to women who have felt like a baby might stifle their career.

In 2018, she talked candidly about how people in the industry warned her that her child may slow down her career — but she had some words for them.

And she's also pretty open about the fact that she occasionally falls victim to Kulture's puppydog eyes.

She is IS just like the rest of us.

Earlier this week, Cardi tweeted out a message, urging moms who can't find babysitters to not leave their children alone with their boyfriends.

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While the tweets might seem a bit random, there is an important reason behind them.

"Dear Moms, I know it’s hard to find good babysitters you can trust (I still don’t have one) and I know sometimes the money isn’t there but..." she tweeted.

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"PLEASE STOP leaving ya kids with your boyfriends!" she said. "The devil is manipulating their minds especially when they are needy of attention."

The tweets come after the disappearance of four-year-old Maleah Davis from Texas.

Maleah's mother's fiancé has been charged in connection to her disappearance.

After some confusion and a few tweets firing back at Cardi, she clarified her stance.

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She really wanted to get the message across that women need to be mindful of who they bring around their children, or use as babysitters. Of course, this applies to all adults and not just men.

"Let me make it simple for the dumb minded!" she continued.

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Cardi said that women should be weary of those around their vulnerable children, even if it is a boyfriend, "STOP LEAVING YOUR KIDS WITH YA BOYFRIENDS! PERIOD."

Since tweeting these messages, a lot of people agreed with Cardi and applauded her for speaking out.

Sadly, this situation can be quite common, especially in situations of domestic abuse.

If you know a friend who is struggling with this situation, reach out and point them towards resources in the community who can offer free childcare or a safe place.

There was an abundance of fans who volunteered their babysitting services.

Being a full-time nanny for Cardi B is definitely a dream job for some people out there, but I doubt Cardi's looking on Twitter for Kulture's next babysitter.

People agreed with this message and also added on that this thinking applies to any family member.

It can be a difficult decision to make, but if your child's safety is at risk, you need to cut these people out of your life for the sake of your children.

Unfortunately, it is usually someone the victim knows well.

Many agreed with the person above, stating specific relationships don't really matter — in the end it can be anyone.

Some users pointed out mothers need to make sure their baby is their top priority.

Your children should definitely come before your partner, especially because they rely on you to keep them safe. You can't settle for "good enough" when it comes to the safety of your children!

Some people took a bit of issue with Cardi's wording.

Even though your children are your ultimately responsibility, some people saw this as Cardi making excuses for the men who behave abusively or inappropriately.

Especially with her comment about them being "needy of attention."

A lot of Twitter felt Cardi was being unfair to women by suggesting these men just needed more attention, or that more attention might have prevented their behavior.

The final word? If he can't be trusted with your kids, then it's probably time to break up with him.

If you see warning signs but are afraid to leave the relationship, ask a trusted friend or family member for help, or contact your nearest family shelter.

This is an extremely difficult situation that affects women, but there is a way out.

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If you, or someone you know needs help, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hot Line at 1−800−799−7233, or visit their website here.

Others thought Cardi was being sexist.

In the situation Cardi is referring to, it was a man who committed the crime, but some Twitter users felt that Cardi was generalizing all men as risks to children.