The New Hershey’s S’mores Toolbox Is Making Us Go All Bob The Builder

Ah, Hershey's. That sweet milk chocolaty son-of-a-gun has been there for us at our best and our worst. Through ups and downs. Through triumphs and defeats.

A simple Hershey's chocolate bar from CVS has the ability to solve most problems.

Change my mind. I dare you.

Let's be honest— it's hard to save chocolate bars specifically for s'mores.

Everyone loves a good s'more by the campfire, but who has the self control to buy a chocolate bar and save it? Not me, that's for sure.

I need all the tools set out right in front of me or honey, that dessert project just ain't getting built.

Introducing the Hershey's Caddy


It's essentially a s'mores toolbox for all of your s'mores construction needs.

Though the ingredients aren't actually included with purchase, you do get a removable tray for your grahams and bars, and a ton of room for 'mellows.

It's already getting rave reviews.


"The compartments are sized just right to have all your s'mores supplies in one compact place," one Amazon review read. "I am a total organizer and love this. Everything is in one place, and is since it’s plastic it’s so easy to clean up just wipe out."

Target is also selling a Hershey's melting tray.


Now you don't even need a campfire to engage in s'mores related fun! Simply place the metal tray on your stove top and voila! It even fits three whole s'mores.

You don't have to share them though. We won't tell.

The Hershey's Caddy is already in Target locations across America.

And when you inevitably break or melt the thing, you've got a one year warranty to help you out.

What are you just sitting here reading this for? Get them before they're gone!

h/t: Delish