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YouTuber Logan Paul Just Tried To Defend James Charles And Fans Are Furious

This week has not been sister simple. In fact, this week has been very sister STRESSFUL! James Charles has come under fire in a recent video by former BFF and fellow beauty guru Tati Westbrook, and if this doesn't found familiar to you WHERE HAVE U BEEN THIS WEEK?

Tati and James used to be super close friends before James made it *big* on Youtube.

However, in the past few months, Tati had noticed a lot of inappropriate behaviour and betrayal coming from James.

Tati made a video airing her grievances with her friend that has now completely blown up the Internet.

Since the video dropped, famous friends and fans alike have unfollowed James.

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He has lost over three million subscribers in just under a week, including Shawn Mendes and Kim Kardashian.

However, James still has a die-hard loyal following and a fellow YouTuber ally in Logan Paul.

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Yes, that Logan Paul that filmed that video in the Japanese forest and rightfully got cancelled from YouTube culture (well, kind of).

Because of his own personal scandal, Logan Paul felt the need to make a video addressing all this James Charles drama.

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He starts the video off by making it clear he is not a fan of James Charles.

“I’m not defending James Charles, I’m saying, [go] easy when you puff your chest out, put your chin up, and call him a sexual predator.”

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He continued, "the crime does not fit the punishment.”

This is in response to accusations made after Tati's video came out against James Charles and his sexual endeavours.

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Fellow YouTube sensation Jeffree Star also took to Twitter to call James a "danger to society."

Logan continued, “Really think about what you’re saying, and really think about what a true ‘sexual predator’ is,” Logan pleaded. “The kid is 19. Cut him some slack, please."

Needless to say, the internet is not happy with Logan's plea.

Logan also does not appear to have the background knowledge to speak on this subject matter at all.

"There are different levels of predatory behaviour and I think using your fame and power to try toget people to be sexual towards you is 1000% predatory," wrote one Twitter user.

What do you think of Logan Paul defending James Charles?

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