Here's The Easter Egg You Missed From The 'Big Bang Theory' Series Finale

12 seasons later, and The Big Bang Theory is finally over.

It's been a long (and strange) trip, but it's been a good one. The series finale took place on May 16th, and it was emotional, amazing, and quite shocking.

Warning: The Big Bang Theory spoilers ahead!

'The Big Bang Theory' is over, and it had some amazing moments.


After twelve years, the hit show has come to an end, and they went out in the best way possible.

There were some amazing moments, but maybe even an Easter Egg or two that fans may have missed.

It was a very emotional episode.


The writers really pulled out the big guns for the finale.

If their goal was to make all of their fans cry, they succeeded.

Fans are going through it.

Fans of the show are, more often than not, have been with the show since the very beginning.

So saying goodbye is very hard for them.

It's always hard when a show ends.

It's true though, we will always have reruns. That's the only way I survive without Friends tbh.

There were a ton of amazing moments.


The hour-long episode was so good, and there were a lot of super emotional moments.

But there's one Easter Egg and special behind the scene moment that fans may not have caught.

Leonard and Penny are having a baby!


What they have fought about for season after season finally has a conclusion.

They are going to be parents, and if that didn't melt your heart, we don't know what will.

Sheldon won a Nobel Prize.


We all saw this coming, didn't we? I mean that was his dream from day one, so it had to happen.

It was a great close to his character.

And his speech was actually amazing.


Sheldon's tribute to his friends basically made us all cry.

He went from selfish to loving, and that's what we call GROWTH.

And so did Amy.


We saw the return of her tiara too from her wedding day!

That was such a sweet little callback, and tiny Easter Egg. But it wasn't THE Easter Egg.

Even Raj got a happy ending.


Raj is living his best life. He got Sarah Michelle Gellar as a date to the awards.

And he finally loves himself, which is what we wanted all along.

We also finally met Hallie and Michael.


We've heard of their kids for about three seasons now and never met that.

The series finale fixed that.

And most importantly, the elevator finally works.


For 12 seasons, the gang had to take the stairs. We all know how tiring that is.

But on the series finale, it was fixed. Talk about perfect character development.

People lowkey lost it.

So, it turns out that people were really waiting for this.

I guess it just goes to show how much we all hate climbing stairs.

But there was a very special Easter Egg.


Leonard and Sheldon are gluing the DNA statue back together, when Leonard says, "That was the most pleasurable 139 and a half hours,"

Twitter tried to figure out what that meant.

Math is hard. Be nice. Not all of us can figure out equations as easily as the gang in Big Bang.

Thankfully, it was explained to us.


Molaro explained. "Well, we figured out that is how many hours of Big Bang Theory that have been created over the last 12 years."

And there was one more secret.

And it actually has to do with Chinese food.

Something they have been eating since season one and has now been burned into our brains.

The end.


The showrunners told ET that they wanted an ending that didn't feel like a real ending.

So they kept the final scene a secret until the episode actually aired. They just wanted to have the gang eating Chinese food.

We're sad it's over, but all things must come to an end eventually.

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