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Taco Bell Is Bringing A Whole Taco Bell Hotel And Resort To Palm Springs

There's a pretty interesting dialogue going on right now about the relationship between brands and their followers, and how much control the followers should have over what the brand does. Social media has, in a way, brought brands and their fans closer together. But how much say should fans get?

It's definitely in a business's best interests to listen to its customers, but letting them control everything is generally an effective way to learn about bankruptcy laws. But it's also worth keeping in mind that not all businesses are created equally.

Fast food franchises occupy a weird place in our culture.

To a degree, the weirdness is a product of fast food's success.

The marketplace is so saturated with options, brands have to do whatever they possibly can to stick out. One of the better brands for turning weird into gold has been Taco Bell.

I mean, what other fast food joint hosts weddings?

Taco Bell

You have to have an extraordinarily committed fan base to a) want to have their nuptials in your restaurant and b) have enough of them to make it worth your while. But there they are, tying the knot at Taco Bell!

And now you can, if you're in luck, have your honeymoon at Taco Bell, too.

Facebook | Taco Bell

The company announced that, starting August 9, Taco Bell would be taking over an entire hotel and resort in Palm Springs.

There will be no better way to immerse yourself in everything Taco Bell short of actually bathing in packets of hot sauce — note, do not bathe in hot sauce.

For five days, The Bell in Palm Springs will be open and welcoming guests who just want to live their grande-est lives.

Facebook | Taco Bell

It looks like The Bell will have everything a superfan could possibly want on-site, from exclusive menu items to sauce-packet pool floaties to all the merch under the sun.

There will even be a nail and hair salon all your taco-themed beauty needs.

Instagram | @tacobell

Note, however, that the resort will also be kid-free, as only those 18+ are invited to The Bell.

You'll have to be a bit patient, too.

Taco Bell

Which is hard, because you know the rooms are going to fill up fast, but The Bell isn't taking reservations until June.

As publicity stunts go, it's pretty impressive and ambitious.

Facebook | Taco Bell

But the company expects to get as much payoff from it as the fans do.

It's an opportunity for unofficial brand ambassadors to come in and show off the company's best on their social media feeds. And you never know what can come from that.

After all, the idea of Taco Bell weddings started thanks to social media.

Imgur | thajarseff

As CNN reported, "With weddings, we did see people using sauce packets to propose to their significant other," said Alec Treffers, Taco Bell's communication and brand experience senior specialist.

So far, the idea of five days in taco luxury is a hit with fans.

Twitter is alight with fans excited at the prospect of running for the border in the desert.

"How much does it cost to live here forever," wrote @REALGarbageBoy on Twitter.

"HOW DO I BOOK A ROOM/TRIP. OMG. DO YOU NEED SOMEONE SINGING IN THE LOBBY? Nightly entertainment? I’ll work for free Taco Bell omg," wrote @tyvid5.

And there are even other brands trying to horn in on Taco Bell's big news.

I'm not sure how warm a welcome Dude Wipes received for their somewhat cheeky proposal, but dang if it's not hilarious — and probably serious, too.

So what do you think? Are you up for a stay in taco heaven?