Robert Pattinson Is Officially Top Choice To Be The Next Batman

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na PAT MAN

The rumors are true!

For months now, there have been rumblings in Hollywood over who would be cast to play the next Batman.

Now, we have our answer!

Batman has been portrayed by many iconic actors over the past several decades.


The most recent Batman, Ben Affleck, has stepped down from the coveted role.

Up next?


Robert Pattinson, Variety confirms — kind of. They revealed that he's the top choice, and is "expected to close shortly."

We were all introduced to Robert through his time in the "Twilight" series.

But we're sure that he's a versatile actor, and can leave his Vampire days behind him for this new, iconic role.

Matt Reeves had picked up the directing duties from Affleck back in 2017.

E! Online

Warner Bros. is reportedly giving Reeves "plenty of time to develop the script," with the hopes that they won't end up with another Batman v Superman fail.

It was back in February that we first heard whispers of this potential casting.

And one artist even drew up the concept, getting fans talking about Robert and his abilities to take on the part.

He'll definitely have some pretty major shoes to fill.

Fans are constantly debating over who was the "best" Batman.

From Christian Bale to Michael Keaton, will Robert prove himself worthy enough to drive the Batmobile?

Most people haven't seen a lot of Pattinson lately.


But he's actually appearing in four movies this year alone.

You can catch him in High Life, The Lighthouse, The King and Waiting for the Barbarians.

The next Batman is set to hit theaters in June 25, 2021.

And we're sure that there's going to be plenty more announcements coming shortly, so stay tuned!