Lisa Kudrow Revealed Why She Doesn't Watch 'Friends' And It's Actually Really Sad

I don't know a single person that doesn't watch the entire Friends series on an eternal loop via Netflix — totally disregarding every other sitcom ever made.

For many of us, Friends is the very foundation that our sense of humor was built on. We'd be nothing without it.

Lisa Kudrow, however, feels a bit differently, and it's making us all sad af.

If there are any six people on the face of the planet that I expect to support and proudly watch "Friends" forever more, it's the main cast.

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But it seems like nowadays, we rarely even hear them so much as mention the show.

But when every talk show and interview you've ever taken part in over the last 20 years brings it up, I can't say I blame them.

Matt Leblanc, AKA, Joey Tribbiani, revealed that he doesn't enjoy watching the show.

YouTube | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Matt revealed that he has "a hard time watching it" because it makes him "feel 100 years old".

In 2014 Jimmy Kimmel invited Lisa, Jennifer Aniston, and Courteney Cox onto his show for a recreation of "Friends", and quite frankly, none of them seemed too thrilled about it.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jennifer seemed the most annoyed of all — but maybe they're all just over it.

If it's any consolation, Courteney Cox revealed in an Instagram that her teenage daughter falls asleep watching "Friends" all the time.

Instagram | @courteneycoxofficial

She captioned the photo "awww...I put her right to sleep".

But sadly, we just learned that Lisa Kudrow doesn't watch the show.

We're all very, very disappointed in her for this.

Does she not realize just how iconic the show is?! Does she know what she's missing??

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lisa revealed why exactly she doesn't watch the show — and it's kinda heartbreaking tbh.

YouTube | Jimmy Kimmel Live

When the reporter asked her if she watches the show, Lisa quickly fired back with a firm "no".

"I don't know the last time [I watched it]," she said. "I don't watch it if it's on."

She then explained that she doesn't like watching herself.

I'm not crying, you're crying!!

"I might not like myself, so I'd rather not risk that," she explained.

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I can't imagine why Lisa feels this way, considering Phoebe Buffay one of the best parts of the show!! She was freaking hilarious.

The show wouldn't have been the same without her.

Lisa quickly changed to a more positive note, mentioning that "Friends" is celebrating a huge milestone.

Instagram | @alexandrabenitocomunicacion

"I think it's 25 years — like, to right now — since we finished the pilot and got picked up. Just how thrilling that was. We were like little puppy dogs, just climbing all over each other and playing and playing games and wanting to be together all the time," she said.

But we still can't help but feel sad that Lisa doesn't watch the show.

At least she got to live it — so she's not completely missing out.

Some fans actually understand why Lisa doesn't want to watch the show.

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This person compared it to hearing your own voice on a recording over and over again.

Yep. That would be torture.

But we all know how big of an asset she was to the show.

This fan tweeted a video, explaining that Phoebe, Joey, and Chandler were the three best characters on the show.

This person tweeted that without a doubt, Phoebe Buffay was iconic and the best character on the show.

As you can see, people feel very strongly about this topic.

This fan isn't looking for an argument. They know that Phoebe is the best part of "Friends".

All the more reason for Lisa to watch the show, amirite?

Lisa Kudrow, if you're out there somewhere reading this, please watch the show. Do it for us.


Let us know if you think the cast of Friends should still be watching the show!