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Fans Are Burning Their James Charles Palettes And It Smells Like Privilege To Me

Ah, remember when the James Charles x Morphe palette first came out? Life seemed so simple back then. The biggest concern we all had was how were we going to get our greedy little hands on it.

Now? Life has gotten much more complicated.

People have turned to violence and honestly guys, I'm stressed! The makeup world is full of drama, and usually I LIVE for it, but this time, I'm not so sure.

Since it's initial launch back in November of 2018, it's been selling out like crazy in both Morphe and Sephora stores.

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Fans just could not get enough of the to-die for color range and buttery pigmentation!

I mean, find me another eye shadow palette that has been baked into cake form, because personally— I can't find one!

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And at reasonable price of $39, the palette truly did seem good enough to eat!

But sadly, the reign of the James Charles x Morphe palette has ended after Tati Westbrook exposed James in a tell-all video.

Tati went into detail about the betrayal she felt by James after he worked with one of her vitamin brands main competitors, Sugar Bear Hair.

Tati also claimed James Charles had been spreading lies about her, which, considering their close friendship seems to be the most hurtful part of it all.

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"For you to lie to me and make me the villain, and go around and circulate a story to work on your side saying I'm loving the drama because it's improving sales, that's not the case."

James released almost the cringiest apology video of all time.

I only say "almost" because nobody will ever top Laura Lee. I gotta give James credit for trying his hardest though.

Former fans have been mocking him for the video on twitter.

Including this wild interpretive dance set to James' voice. Katy Perry, who used to follow James before all this went down, gave this video a like on twitter after it went viral.

He also apologized on his Instagram story, but nobody was buying it.

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But Tati's video was about more than just the vitamins. Oh yes, the vitamins were just the first cup of tea, and she had a whole pot boiling.

Tati also revealed that James often behaved inappropriately.

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She detailed a story about how James allegedly tried seducing a straight waiter with total disregard and disrespect for his sexual orientation.

And apparently this wasn't one-off behavior from James.

Fellow makeup guru Jeffree Star backed Tati's claims up.

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Jeffree and James had previously worked together a bunch of times, but obviously there's no love lost between them now. Jeffree called him a "danger to society," which sounds pretty serious to me.

James has lost three million subscribers on YouTube and COUNTING since this all went down.

And he's also losing followers on his other social media accounts, including famous former friends like Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Shawn Mendes,and Miley Cyrus. We're sister shook.

Well, fans are also PISSED at James and have decided to take that anger out on the INNOCENT bystander in all this — the James Charles x Morphe palette.

Take Twitter user @lolmastrblank for example— they physically set the palette ABLAZE.

Other fans have taken less extreme but still very hurtful measures, like placing the palette in A LITTER BOX.

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I just, IDK how to feel about this.

Seems kinda crazy to throwaway and waste a palette that you've already paid good money for!

Seems pretty privileged to destroy a perfectly good palette —especially when not everyone can afford such luxuries!

Other fans didn't want to waste the palette, so instead they covered up any traces of James Charles. We love a good compromise!

Because senseless waste? SO not cute!

Those fans might be happy they didn't burn their palettes.

Tati released ANOTHER video about why she made her original video. It never ends! This one was actually pretty short considering her 40 minute tea party before, clocking in at just under 20 minutes.

Here's the important parts, if you don't have a spare 20 minutes for mother Tati.

YouTube | Tati

She says, "This was just a last-ditch effort for me to be really loud and vocal, and to wake up someone that I really love. And still do. Um, before they go and make some really serious mistakes."

Tati says she felt she had an obligation to call James out.

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She said, "No one's really stopping him. No one's going to get through to him. Like, this is gonna end badly, and I will have to sit for the rest of my life and feel like I never said anything."

She says she's reached out to James to meet up with him privately about all this.

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And she says she was NOT trying to cancel him. Girl...

In her words, "I don't think anyone deserves that. I just don't. I think people deserve a wakeup call, and I think people need to be called out for their actions, and I think someone's gotta do it."

She didn't make her video to try to bring James down or lift herself up.

YouTube | Tati

She says, "If I could give all of the new success back, and the new subscribers back, I would. Um, that's not why I did this."

(For the record: Tati has gained upwards of 4 MILLION subscribers from all this drama.)

Tati implied she wants James to recover from the backlash.

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She said that he "can, you know, change, and a great comeback, and really look at what they're doing that's not right and fix it."

"And that's all I hope for."

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Since Tati released her second video, James's subscriber count seems to have stopped its sharp decline, and he's actually gained roughly a thousand back.

So it looks like James isn't cancelled after all.

So if you burned your Morphe palette, you might be regretting that impulsive decision. If you just painted over his name with Tati, though, you're probably fine.