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9+ Times Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Savagely Roasted Each Other Online

Couple. Goals.

There's nothing better on Twitter than when Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively starting going in on each other.

During those times, it's best to just sit back and watch them roast each other. Here's some of those best moments, and may we all hope for even more in the future.

When Blake decided to swipe right

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Ryan replied, "Because it's the E-harmony app."

To which Blake quickly clapped back: "ever since Ashley Madison closed I've been so lonely."

For those who don't know, Ashley Madison was a site popularly used for affairs. Blake, oh my god.

When Ryan came for her whole life

What, a girl can't dress like this in peace?

The comments section did not go easy on Blake in Ryan's post.

That's probably because most of them had no idea that the picture was of Blake.

When he called her tf out

Twitter | @VancityReynolds

That awkward moment when your husband publicly exposes how you text him in private.

JK. But I imagine Blake probably finds the things fans say to him funny. At least...I hope she does. Because some of it is just creepy otherwise.

The first time he wished Blake a happy birthday

The best part of this is Billy's reply:

"Thanks man, you really know how to mend an Achy Breaky Heart! @VancityReynolds Tell your wife happy birthday"

King of wishing Blake Lively happy birthday.

When she was jealous of a queen

So weird, because that is also how I look at Helen Mirren.

This one is more of a self-roast/Ryan call-out, but it deserves a spot on the list. It's too good to leave out.

When Blake called him lazy

Who does he think he is? Ryan is going to have to step it up if he's ever going to accompany her to the Met Gala.

Only one outfit...what an amateur.

The second time he wished Blake happy birthday

The shaaade.

Ryan decided to celebrate Blake's birthday by cropping her out of her own birthday tweet.

I think it goes without saying that this was a move even Deadpool would be proud of.

When Blake got him back

Game, set, match.

Blake got Ryan back on his birthday, by oh-so-thoughtfully posting a picture of Ryan Gosling with Ryan Reynolds mostly cropped out.

That's...that's so many similar-looking dudes named Ryan, man.

When Ryan roasted himself

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Yeah, okay, the playful banter is cute, Blake is a legend, etc.

I wanna know the story behind Blake driving him to the hospital while she was in labor. Like, now.

When she called out his baking skills

Oh man, sorry, Ryan.

Listen, he's smart! He's good looking! He's Canadian! He's the whole package! Minus the ability to decorate cookies.

How did he mess it up that badly? That almost takes talent.

When she then took those roasts to Twitter

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When your husband is absolutely terrible at decorating, it is absolutely warranted to roast him on two social media platforms.

The added burn of tagging Martha Stewart in her tweet? Art. High art.

When Blake shouted out herself

Look how cute they are! His smile, her hand, that caption.

Blake is 100% justified in bringing attention to her hairstyling work. It's either absolutely genius, or confusing.

Either way, Ryan is being eclipsed by it.

When Ryan needed some space

Imagine having weird stuff like this tweeted at you about your relationship. The internet is wild, y'all.

Hopefully he got a bubble bath and a good bottle of wine for his me time.

When Ryan revealed how they met

Aw, a fairytale for the ages!

Not only did they meet online, but they waited until after they were married to meet in person. What a couple.

I truly hope I can roast my partner this well when we're married, tbh.

When Blake realized she chose wrong

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Ah yes, Ryan's secret twin brother, Gordon.

These two must be incredibly fun to hang out with — if you can manage to get a word in edgewise.

We have decided to stan forever.