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Fraternity Sparks Outrage Over Video Of Members Forcing Puppy To Drink Beer

Puppies are basically the purest, most wonderful animals on planet earth, and I will happily argue that to anyone who disagrees.

Just try holding one of these adorable pups in your arms and tell me you don't immediately melt. They're like little fur balls of joy and innocence and everything that's good in the world. We honestly don't deserve puppies.

Some people more than others.

Owning a dog should never be taken lightly, but especially not owning a puppy.

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As a puppy owner, you are responsible for ensuring that dog gets everything it needs and more. After all, older dogs can be a bit more independent in some regards.

But puppies are blank slates, much like babies. They need comfort, security, and guidance. They need someone responsible to take care of them.

One puppy owner thought it would be a good idea to take his doggy to a fraternity party.

According to Daily Mail, the 10-month-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel recently found itself attending an off-campus party at Hofstra University's Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter in New York.

The puppy's owner is reportedly a 21-year-old senior at the university.

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Not only did this person bring his young pup to a fraternity party, but he also decided to involve the dog in some party festivities.

A video has emerged showing members of the fraternity picking the dog up and spraying beer into its mouth.

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The caramel-colored pup can be seen wagging its tail before it is hoisted into the air and turned upside down, struggling while another member of the frat sprays the nozzle of a beer keg at its mouth.

One of the two men in the video has been identified as the dog's owner.

Twitter | @kristinaproscia

Social media has identified the man as Justin Barreto, but his name has not yet officially been released by authorities.

Watch the video below.

Footage of the incident was posted to Twitter on May 11.

The 4-second-long video is a Snapchat clip that Twitter user Kristina Proscia recorded on her phone. She captioned the video, "So apparently it’s okay to force dogs to drink beer even though it can kill them?"

She also tagged the university, the fraternity, and Peta in the post.

Following the video's release, the Nassau County SPCA was alerted and has opened and investigation into the incident.

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"It's wrong on every level," SPCA spokesman Gary Rogers told CBS New York. "It's just not rational thinking."

He also suspects the charges would likely be, "a misdemeanor for failure to provide adequate sustenance and overdrive and torture of an animal."

The SPCA reported that the dog is living in good conditions and is doing just fine.

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While the investigation continues, the puppy has apparently been given back to its owner.

At this time, the fraternity has been suspended pending the investigation.

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Fraternity spokesman Justin Pierce released a statement regarding the incident and said, "Alpha Epsilon Pi International has placed our chapter at Hofstra University on 'cease and desist' due to suspected violations of our health and safety polices."

He said he hopes this will act as a "teaching moment" for others.

Twitter | @AEPi

"We hope that we are able to use this as a teaching moment to help build better young men who are committed to our policies and our mission of developing the future leaders of the world's Jewish communities."

The video has outraged many people online who are voicing their opinions about the incident.

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"I'm ready to fight," one Twitter user wrote, while another said they felt "sickened" by the video.

The original poster, Kristina, revealed she has been asked by some people to take the video down but has refused.

Twitter | @kristinaproscia

Twitter appears to be in full support of her decision.

"Yes please do not take it down!" one user replied. "They need to be punished!"

Another demanded the names of the men involved be released and spread "so it's impossible for them to get jobs after they graduate."

Kristina has also released a statement explaining why she posted the video in the first place.

Twitter | @kristinaproscia

I did not share this to retaliate or to get the people involved in trouble," she wrote. "I simply shared this to protect the dog and to show I do not support this."

Kristina, a sorority member herself, also said the actions in the video are "not an accurate representation of Greek Life."