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Burger King Will Soon Offer Delivery To People Stuck In Traffic

Here's a really good question: When is the absolute worst time for hunger to strike?

The answers will definitely vary. Some might say the worst time is in the middle of an exam when there is absolutely no possibility of snacking.

Or maybe it's when you've just politely refused a snack from a friend's parents and it'd be too weird to suddenly turn around and say, "Actually, can I have that snack now?"

But I think we can all agree that a traffic jam would be the worst time.

Just think about it: You're stuck inside a car that isn't moving. It could be hot, it could be cold - either way, it's probably super uncomfortable.

You're already feeling restless and frustrated, and then your stomach gives that telltale growl.

But unfortunately for you, there is absolutely nowhere for you to go to try and satisfy your hungry tummy.

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Because you're stuck in the middle of a huge traffic jam remember?

So what do you get to do? Just sit and dream about food, mostly. While also probably dreaming about having the ability to somehow steamroll every car that's in front of you.

Burger King knows traffic jams happen, and they're here to help make them just a little better.

According to Delish, the fast food chain has come up with what might be the greatest idea ever and will soon start offering delivery right to people stuck in traffic.

BK first offered the "Traffic Jam Whopper" in Mexico City, Mexico.

Burger King

The campaign was established with the help of We Believers advertising agency.

Using real-time data, Burger King determined which areas were the most congested and then advertised via digital billboards that roadside delivery was available through their app.

Burger King couriers would then show up to hungry customers via motorcycles and deliver hot meals right through their window.

Burger King

So, anyone stuck in the perils of bumper to bumper gridlock was able to calm their frustrations with a delicious burger delivered right to their car. Does it get any better than that?

Well, they could not be stuck in traffic, but this isn't a perfect world, is it?

The roadside delivery service proved to be hugely successful.

Unsplash | Jake weirick

According to Ad Age, Burger King saw a 63 percent increase in daily delivery orders after just one week of offering the service in the city. The daily download rate for the app jumped 44 percent, too.

After the success seen in Mexico City, Burger King plans to introduce roadside delivery in other cities.

Their main targets right now are other heavily trafficked areas, like Los Angeles, Shanghai, and São Paulo.

So get ready, all you frustrated commuters out there. Help might be on the way very soon, and we're happy to report it'll likely come with a side of fries and a soda.

h/t: Delish