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Navy SEAL Rejected By FDNY For Being ‘Too Old’ Gets Flooded With Other Offers

It's no secret that firefighting is one of the most physically demanding professions out there.

The training that these men and women have to go through in order to become firefighters is no joke. But neither is the job, so it's understandable that these people must be in peak physical condition to protect us.

But should age play a factor in someone's ability to be a firefighter?

Shaun Donovan was an active Special Operations Chief for the Navy SEALS.

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According to CNN, the 37-year-old has served four combat tours and scored in the top 1% of applicants for the New York Fire Department (FDNY).

He also passed the physical fitness test, proving he was physically capable of the job's demands.

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By all accounts, Shaun seemed like he would be the perfect candidate for the FDNY.

But the department had other ideas.

When the application period started, Shaun was just over the age of 35.

As it turns out, 35 is the maximum age for those who have served in the military to work for the FDNY.

So basically, Shaun was deemed "too old" to be a firefighter for the city of New York because he was six months and 25 days past the maximum age limit.

The FDNY has very specific rules about age for their applicants.

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Under state and city regulations, the department cannot accept any applicants over the age of 29, unless they have a military background. In that case, the age limit is changed by deducting up to six years off the person's currently age to meet the 29 years requirement.

Shaun is currently on active duty in California, but had hoped to move to New York upon retiring in 2020.

In February, he received a letter from the FDNY rejecting his application on the basis of him being past the age limit. He appealed the rejection but the department is not allowed to waive this requirement, FDNY spokesman Frank Gribbon told CNN.

Shaun has appealed the decision to New York's Civil Service Commission and should hear a decision by the end of July.

Although the FDNY have rejected him, Shaun is now being flooded with offers from other departments acros the US.

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The Denver Fire Department's head recruiter personally contacted Shaun to encourage him to apply. Their department requires a minimum age of 21 years for their applicants but has no max.

The San Francisco Fire Department has also extended Shaun an offer.

Like Denver, their department doesn't have an age cap for applicants.

SFFD spokesman Lt. Jonathan Baxter told CNN that the department is one of the most diverse in America and that they welcome all applicants with military backgrounds.

While Shaun's dreams of becoming a firefighter may not be a reality in New York, they're certainly possible elsewhere.

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However, as of right now, Shaun's sights are still set pretty firmly on the department that rejected him.

According to his lawyer, Kevin Carroll, he is "committed to his goal of joining the FDNY."