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Man Posed As Food Quality Inspector And Ate Free KFC Chicken For A Year

Fast food is fast and convenient, but it isn't always easy on the wallet, especially if you indulge quite frequently.

But apart from combing the value menus at every visit, is there any other way to enjoy delicious fast food without having to break the bank?

KFC has unveiled some pretty tantalizing new menu items lately.


Have you heard about the new "I Love You Bacon" burger? This thing has not one, not two, but three layers of meat, plus something called "baconaise, which might be the most delicious sounding condiment ever in existence.

Unfortunately, this bacon dream of a sandwich isn't cheap.

Just like most things, there's always a catch, and according to LADBible, the burger alone will cost you about $7 or $8.25 for the meal.

Is there really any way to get your fast food fix without straining your wallet?

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One man in South Africa was able to cheat the system and managed to eat for free at KFC for an entire year. How did he do it? Well, as it turns out, it all has to do with confidence.

The man pretended to be a food quality inspector from head office, and staff believed him.

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As LADBible reported, the 27-year-old would simply waltz into any KFC location he fancied, flash an ID card, and insist the employees let him sample the goods. For quality assurance purposes, of course.

Apparently, he would arrive to restaurants in a limousine to really sell the whole "corporate" image.

With a super supportive friend who works as a part-time limo driver, the man had easy access to a few cars, so why not use this to his advantage?

KFC employees were always on their best behavior when the "inspector" showed up.

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"When he arrived we will all try to act our best so that we don’t piss off man from head office, he was so convincing because he was so confident and even colleagues from other KFC’s knows him," one staff member told Xpouzar.

But the ruse couldn't last forever, unfortunately.

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A Kenyan journalist tweeted about the man's clever trickery and announced that he's since been arrested.

People on Twitter are hailing the man as a "hero" and a "legend."

One Twitter user even enthusiastically suggested the man be "knighted, not arrested".

Others think KFC should hire him as a full-time food inspector.

After all, if he ate there for free for an entire year, there's no telling how much KFC he was able to chow down on. The man is probably an expert on all things fried chicken by now.

One person even called attention to the KFC employees who let him eat for free.

However, we don't think it's really fair to blame the staff. If you were working part-time frying chicken, would you really feel at liberty to speak up about a guy from corporate repeatedly coming in to taste some chicken?

No, didn't think so.

While we certainly don't encourage anyone follow in his footsteps, we have to give this man credit.

He kept up his ruse for a year. Talk about dedication.

He knew what he wanted (chicken) and he knew how to get it. It's just a shame he'll probably be banned from eating at any KFC location ever again. But we're sure it was fun while it lasted.

h/t: LADBible