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The 'Beverly Hills 90210' Cast Has Reunited In This New Teaser Trailer

Beverly Hills, 90210's promo team is smartly using nostalgia in the trailer to pull on our poor hearts.

The original series lasted 10 seasons and finished in 2000. It stared the same characters, including Luke Perry who passed away, as students in LA.

The trailer is an amazing throwback.

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The trailer has the same memorable theme song that was in the 1990s version.

The cast, including Tori Spelling, is shown preparing for their day.

The characters did seem a little confused.

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The characters are beginning their day, and all start to hear the theme song.

You can imagine how weird that is when you're just trying to get ready.

It begins August 7th.

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The teaser trailer doesn’t include much, but it does show the cast reuniting.

Needless to say, when they all began to hear the theme song, we screamed.

"The gang returns home."

It will take some inspiration from their real lives as they reunite in more than a decade for the show.

The show will be returning for six episodes, and fans couldn't be happier.