People Are Grossed Out By This Engagement Ring A Guy Made From His Own Hair

When people propose, they tend to go all-out — or at least as all-out as they possibly can. They want it to be memorable and special, of course.

It's one of those life moments that they'll both remember for the rest of their lives, if all goes according to plan. But proposing to the right person is the important part; how the proposal goes down is less important.

Hey, you don't always have the resources you want at that special time in life, so you might have to improvise.

We've seen it before, things like tinfoil rings that slide onto fingers in hopes of being replaced with something shinier and more permanent when the funds finally are available.

It can still be plenty romantic!

However, one happy bride-to-be is getting some grief online after sharing a pic of the ring her beau slipped onto her finger.


And it's actually not hard to see why — it's not a ring so much as a loop of his hair.

"My boyfie is now my fiancé!" she wrote, The Mirror reported. "He proposed with a ring made from a lock of his OWN HAIR. This is a placeholder, until my more intricately woven band is done."

Maybe it's the fact that it's not intricately woven, but folks online had a hard time sharing in her joy.

Pics of the ring and her post made the rounds on the internet and ended up in a closed Facebook group called That's It I'm Ring-Shaming, where it got slammed.

"Did she pull his hair from the drain and just wrap it around her finger?" one person commented, according to Metro UK. "Does he even know they are engaged?"

But then, ring-shaming is what that group does, and they didn't hold back.


"No matter how much I love the dude I don't think I'd ever in a million years wear his hair on my finger," wrote one person, according to The Mirror.

"Hair from what part of the body?" wrote another, The Sun reported.

One person noted that this hair ring might not even be the last one they see.

"She said more intricately woven. Omfg is there another hair ring coming?!"

Apparently one person saw at least some benefit to the design.

"It is, of course, both atrocious and revolting, but it can also be destroyed far easier than the average monstrosity which we are normally subjected to in this group."

And over on Reddit, one person thought that it might be a sign of true love.


"Well, the bright side is that if he thought this was a good idea, and she loves it-they are probably meant to be together," wrote are_you-serious. "They’re definitely crazy, but I’m glad they found each other."

h/t Metro, The Sun, The Mirror