Emilia Clarke Is Not Happy With Her Character On 'Game of Thrones' This Season

There’s only one episode left before Game of Thrones wraps up, and it’s been an incredibly wild ride.

Daenerys Targaryen has gone through a lot this season. Unfortunately, not everyone approves of her character development.

Warning: Game of Thrones spoilers ahead!

In the most recent episode, “The Bells”, Dany went on a killing spree.


Dany took the lives of thousands of people, “innocent or otherwise."

It was a quick turn of character for her, and a lot of people are upset. Daenerys took ‘Fire and Blood’ to a whole new level.

Daenerys went full Mad Queen.

Dany has never been afraid to put forth her family motto in her adventures, but she still showed mercy when she needed to.

She has always wanted to protect those who could not protect themselves.

For seven seasons she was a just ruler.

She has always put the weak and innocent before her own needs and wants, as she has always known how it feels to be pushed aside.

So watching her burn a whole city definitely didn’t sit right with fans of the character.

So watching her burn a whole city definitely didn’t sit right with fans of the character.

People felt that her actions were incredibly out of character. It's true that Daenerys has always been slightly erratic, but it feels like a big jump to 'city-destroying insane' in one or two episodes.

Fans are taking it really badly.

The whole point throughout the show was that Dany was not going to be like those who came before her.

In just a few episodes, that changed completely.

She was once a fearless and badass character that people looked up to.

Not even we can understand what happened to her.

The Dany we know and love would never have burned up an entire city of people!

Some people feel like her turn to madness was justified and foreshadowed.

And to be fair, she has been a bit quick on the 'burn people alive' trigger in the past, but they've never been innocent people. While Dany has committed atrocities, they've generally been justified.

Besides, every character's committed atrocities.

And if she went mad because she's a Targaryen and it's in their blood, like some people are suggesting, then it doesn't look very good for Jon Snow's future either.

Emilia's Instagram caption says a lot, tbh.

Emilia Clarke gave a lot to the character, so it makes sense that she would have some serious feelings about it.

Poor girl.

She's not great at hiding it.

Youtube | Entertainment Tonight

Emilia Clarke told Vanity fair that “It [expletive] me up. Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is..."

And honestly, we can't blame her.

Instagram | @emilia_clarke

In an interview by Entertainment Tonight, when asked if she was happy with her character ending, she had no answer. It doesn't seem like it's just Emilia feeling this way either.

Some fans think her response and facial expression here might have been a warning sign.

Not that I'm an expert in body language, but it doesn't look like the most sincere answer she could have given to me.

Poor Emilia.

Twitter | @Raf_MD

She definitely couldn’t say more considering she can’t deliver any spoilers.

But especially with last night’s episode, we can understand why she’s unhappy with her character development.

What do you think about Dany's character this season?

Do you think her descent into the Mad Queen was foreshadowed? Was it earned? Will you always remember Daenerys as the breaker of chains, not the burner of cities? Let us know in the comments!