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Snapchat's Gender Swap Filter Is Taking Over The Internet

I don't use Snapchat myself, but I have been roped into a few pics on Snapchat thanks to the filters. Usually their filters just add things like dog ears or dinosaurs to your pic, and they're fun enough for a distraction, but it's all quite harmless.

That is, until Snapchat released its latest filters, one of which adds traditionally female facial features, and one that adds traditionally male facial features. You probably don't even need me to tell you where this is headed — straight for weirdsville.

First of all, this filter allows you to sing both parts of a female/male duet — and it's truly iconic.

Listen to this. Look at this. Aspire to be like this!

This girl gave her boyfriend the shock of his lifetime.

The look on his face at the look of her face is priceless.

One guy decided to add some feminine features to his pic and then make up a Tinder profile.

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No word on whether he made any matches or lived to regret it, however.

But this guy, who did likewise, only lasted half an hour on Tinder.

And it sounds like he learned a lot about the women's side of the dating scene in that 30 minutes.

Guys always have a tough time expressing to their friends that they look good.

But I guess this filter is making it a lot easier for them. Bahaha.


Some folks out there discovered just how strong their genes are.

And I mean dangerously, identity-theft strong. It's kinda spooky.

Or, possibly, professional-therapy strong.

I don't know if family dynamics will necessarily change based on these filters, but I wouldn't bet against it, you know?

Can we please pay attention to the song her boyfriend is singing along to? WE'RE SCREAMING!

Lol, honestly though, we are here for the confidence this filter is giving people. YAS, get that thirst trap!

A lot of folks out there were just curious about what Snapchat would make them look like, and got some surprising results.

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Like, apparently Anne Hathaway has a twin out there that nobody knew about.

This girl pranked her mom into thinking she had a new squeeze.

Aw dang, her mom was so happy for her, too!

But is that more awkward than turning out looking like the first guy you were with?

Like, one little filter and now this poor lady has her next therapy session all planned out.

This woman got a rude-ish awakening, finding that she looked an awful lot like the human Shrek from 'Shrek 2.'

I guess at least that was handsome Shrek? But dang that's close.

Miley Cyrus gave the filter a try and got a very Jonas brother result, she thought.

And we're inclined to agree — and now we're curious to see what the Jonases look like through the filter.

You have to admit, some of these will spawn some fascinating conversations at family dinners.

Wouldn't you love to listen in at this family's next get-together?

This guy posted his pic with female features and started getting DMs.

Which seems like it could get awfully awkward awfully quickly.

My mood after seeing those DMs and then checking my own dry as hell inbox...

Like, am I mad at these pretty boys? No... Just sad and disappointed in my God given beauty. Why can't I just be a kawaii cute girl like these dudes are?

Putting pics of celebs through the filter made some crazy scenes, too.

For example, George Costanza from Seinfeld with female features is, well, actually about what you'd expect.

To absolutely no one's surprise, Michael Jackson bears a striking resemblance to LaToya.

It makes sense!

Annnnnd just to confirm that it is indeed only facial features, enjoy this.

Remember when we were all supposed to have jet packs and hover cars in the future? Well, this is what we got.

Another Tinder one, but damn, this dude really got 1500+ right-swipes!

That's impressive even for a super good looking person. This Snapchat filter is doing absolute wonders.

The memes coming out of this filter have obviously been amazing.

This was literally me when my boyfriend showed me his swapped out face. WHY YOU SO PRETTY THOUGH?

And the duets keep on comin'.

I want to be mad, but I can't help but crack a smile at this stuff. Why is it so hilarious?!

What's your favorite use of the filter so far?

Let us know in the comments below, or better yet — submit your own filtered face!