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Kim K Announced The Birth Of Her Fourth Child And Everyone Is Making The Same Joke

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are probably on cloud nine right now, following the birth of their fourth child.

And while many fans are just as excited, some have taken the opportunity to turn Kim's announcement into a joke. It was low-hanging fruit — they couldn't resist.

Kim Kardashian is officially a mother of four.

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On May 10th, her's and Kanye's surrogate gave birth to their fourth child — a baby boy.

Kim revealed that he looks like he could be Chicago's twin, AKA, he's cute af.

Kim first announced the pregnancy to her family, which was shown on the season 16 premiere of 'KUWTK.'

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"We have an announcement to make. We're having a baby," Kim exuberantly shared.

"We're having a boy."

Kim then announced the pregnancy to the world on 'Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen' back in January.

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Andy straight up asked Kim, "Are you working on another child?" to which she simply responded, "We are."

Her sisters were shocked when, without an ounce of hesitation, Kim proceeded to reveal the baby's gender.

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"It's a boy," she calmly replied.

"I mean, obviously I knew that. I couldn't believe you were saying - you were telling everyone," Kourtney replied, shocked.

The mom-to-be also put on an elaborate baby shower for Kardashian-West baby number four about a week before his due date.

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The CBD theme was supposed to be very calming, since she said she was freaking out.

And it did seem like a very relaxing time for everyone.

Kim finally announced the birth of her son on Twitter — keeping it short and sweet.

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"He’s here and he’s perfect!," she wrote.

Many Twitter users were ecstatic for the couple, sharing numerous congratulatory messages.

But trolls never rest — especially not for the Kardashians.

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Even for major life events, like the birth of a child — they stop for nothing.

The memes all stem from this now iconic tweet from Kim K herself.

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Kardashian trolls showed absolutely no mercy and turned this cute announcement into a huge meme immediately, without hesitation.

Trolls have taken Kim's tweet and paired it with hilarious, relatable prefaces.

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This one goes out to all my cat-moms and dads. I know you can relate to this feeling.

If you're more of a dog-person, don't worry — it can be applied to you as well.

Twitter | @RaymondReen23

Let's be honest, if you have a dog, they're never not in the same room as you.

He's always there and he's always a good boy.

Speaking of dogs, this fan tweeted that whenever his mom is looking for the dog around the house, Kim's tweet fits perfectly.

Doggo's are the definition of perfect.

Some have an educational twist.

Even Spark Notes has a funny joke about the birth of Kim's child?! Is anything sacred?

This person compared Kim's reaction to the feeling you get when the pizza delivery person knocks on your door.

Pizza delivery is the ultimate salvation.

If not pizza, then basically any other kind of food delivery service will do the trick.

This person compared Kim's happiness over her baby to an Uber Eats driver pulling up outside of your house.

Or your favorite movie character, adorable animated bear or otherwise.

But let's be real, this is what all of us said when we saw Paddington, right? Hey, maybe that's what all the bear emojis Kim's been tweeting are about.

Another fan tweeted that their mother had the exact same reaction as Kim when they were born.

Funnily enough, this is most likely true. Moms tend to feel this way about their babies.

This person has an interesting theory.

What if the answer to the baby name mystery has been right in front of our faces this whole time? What if he IS here, and he IS Perfect?!

This fan replied, implying that this is how people react anytime they step into a room.

This is the energy and level of confidence we should all be aiming for at all times.

Another person also dabbled in the theme of humorous narcissism.

They wrote that it wasn't the first time someone has reacted to their presence before.


Ezra Miller fans could relate to Kim's tweet when they saw him show up to the Met Gala.

Ezra's Met Gala costume stole the show.

He was wearing a black pinstripe suit with extra long coattails, he had five lifelike eyes painted on his face, and he was carrying a blank mask in his hand.

Tom Brady fans were also relating.

You could basically replace Tom Brady's name with any other athlete or celebrity's name to fit whatever you're into.

So versatile.

MCU fans had their own twist on it.

To be fair, that's kind of my reaction whenever Thor is on screen in any movie ever. That's normal, right?

This is for any Shawn Mendes fans out there.

Twitter | @SavannahDalia

Chances are if you're in the same room as Shawn Mendes, it's for one of his live performances — in which case, it probably does resemble perfection.

This fan joked that Kim's tweet was going to be the title of her next sex tape.

Twitter | @shaunymanning12

It wouldn't be a very sex-tape-esque name — but hey, who knows?

Although, I think Kim's sex tape days are long behind her. She's moved on to bigger and better things.

There was also hella speculation about the little one's name.

Considering Kim's eldest three kids have unique names, it was expected that they would continue this trend.

There were many well-wishers in her mentions, too.

Like Jimmy Fallon, John Legend, Amber Scholl, and Bruno Tonioli, who all wished Kim congratulations. Some people were speculating that the baby's name might actually be "Congratulations."

Anyway, you get the picture. Fans were able to make Kim's vague tweet fit perfectly with just about anything.

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Can you think of any other instances that her tweet would pair well with?

The A-List couple decided to use a surrogate again for the newest addition to their family.

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As you know, Kim hasn't exactly had the easiest of times with her pregnancies.

While Kim was pregnant for the first time with daughter North, she had preeclampsia, and had to deliver 6 weeks early.

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The condition is actually relatively common for pregnant women, but it doesn't make it any less awful.

She also suffered from placenta accreta.

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Luckily, she and baby North were fine, happy, and healthy! Also, adorable. Have you seen North? She's ridiculously cute, and as Kim put it, "always a mood."

For example: this 'Old Town Road' video, North style.

Directing, cinematography, choreography... it looks like North might end up being a triple threat. The Kardashian dynasty looks strong going into the next generation.

When it came time for baby number 2, Kim was still struggling.

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Kim had to get three surgeries on her uterus in order to be able to get pregnant again, and even then, she and Kanye struggled to conceive for months before deciding to move ahead with in vitro fertilization.

Luckily again, baby Saint was born happy and healthy!

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After the difficulties and struggles of her first two pregnancies, doctors recommended that Kim and Kanye consider using a surrogate for their next child. .

They took their doctor's advice for the birth of baby Chicago in early 2018.

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Chicago, who the family calls "Chi" (pronounced Shy) was born in January 2018, and is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. With kids as cute as this, it's no wonder they keep having more!

Now, a week after her newborn son's happy and healthy birth, she revealed the name publicly on Twitter.

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The name makes complete sense, as Kim and Kanye have been dipping more heavily into religious practices, as demonstrated through their weekly Sunday Services.

Now the question is: will we be expecting a baby number five for the couple anytime in the near future?

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And if so, what do we think the iconic name will be?