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Guy Uses Female Snapchat Filter On Tinder And Gets Right-Swiped Over 1600 Times

With the rise of various dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge, the world of online dating has basically been accepted as a societal norm.

After all, these apps allow you to connect with other singles in your area all from the comfort of your own home. The minimal effort involved alone is enough to make these apps sound like a pretty sweet deal.

But Tinder, in particular, can be a pretty treacherous place to navigate, especially if you're a girl.

Here's the thing about Tinder: you don't really know the guys you're swiping right or left on until you actually talk to them.

That guy who might look like a pretty nice fellow could very well turn out to be a disgusting pig after you've taken the chance to give him a "like".

That's the gamble we make when we decide to use apps like Tinder.

It's one of those win or lose situations.

Either you find someone really fantastic to hang out with, or you end up with an inbox full of crude messages that you know for a fact these guys would never have the guts to say to a girl face-to-face.

But since it's online, most of them seem to have no problem sending whatever their hearts desire.

And this little experiment in Snapchat filters is no different...

Just look at some of the ridiculous messages girls have been unfortunate enough to be sent on Tinder.

Twitter | @theachippendale

Some random guy decided to mock this woman for a dress featured in one of her Tinder profile pictures because that's exactly what a woman needs from her Tinder matches - amateur fashion advice.

Luckily, the joke's on him though.


Because she's now professionally modeling that same dress, and pretty much winning in life.

Some guys just don't know how to take "no" for an answer.

Instagram | @timetounmatch

Seriously, how much clearer did they have to be?

Recently, Snapchat released a new filter which makes men look like attractive women.

Facebook | Rydo Croc

People have been having a lot of fun with this new filter, like this guy who decided it would be fun to prank his girlfriend into thinking he was with another woman.

It was all fun and games until his girlfriend (quite understandably) got upset about his prank.

Facebook | Rydo Croc

I'm not really sure how else he saw this prank going but he seems somehow surprised that she believed him.

One guy decided to take the Snapchat filter to a new level: Tinder profiles.

Twitter | @J_Askew

According to LADBible Twitter user Jake Askew from Norwich, UK, thought he looked pretty good as a girl. So, he set up a new Tinder profile using his filtered photo.

It didn't take long before Jake (er, Jess) was racking up the likes on Tinder.

Soon his alter-ego had managed to win the hearts of over 1,600 guys on the app who gave him a right-swipe.

And those aren't the only wins this pretty guy got.

He also got somewhere between 200-400 matches — and if you're a woman reading this, you know that means a hell of a lot of weird messages.

And within those messages came a lot of, shall we say, indecent proposals.

Twitter | @J_Askew

Jake got to experience firsthand what it's like to be a girl on Tinder and found his inbox flooded with messages from his matches, ranging from fairly innocent greetings to blunt propositions.

This guy wasted no time getting his true intentions out in the open.

Twitter | @J_Askew

Personally, I think he should have stopped at the beaver bit but some people don't know how to quit while they're already behind.

Some people got right down to it and told "Jess" everything she'd need to know about them and more.

Twitter | @J_Askew

Any guy who sends a girl anything about his "pork sword" can just leave the chat now, thanks.

Jake definitely had fun instigating a lot of the responses from the men he matched with.

Twitter | @J_Askew

This must have been a really interesting social experiment for Jake to see the difference between responses from women versus men in this case.

It's pretty crazy how realistic the Snapchat filter looks.

Even though you can see that there is some sort of aura around "Jess'" face and hair, a lot of Snapchat filters do that now anyways.

Jake posted the results of his Tinder experiment on Twitter and the post has over 9,000 likes so far.

"So rather than going out, me & SJ decided to see how far Jess could go on tinder," Jake captioned the post. "Within an hour I was the most popular girl in Derby."

Since the story has gone viral, there have been some hilarious responses from the people of the internet.

Twitter | @AshleyBillyeald

Like the suggestion to set up a lil' business in the realm of private Snapchats... If you know, you know. If you don't — we value your innocence.

Others wanna know how successful this experiment would be on Grindr, a similar dating app for gay men.

Twitter | @Cortelia_x

Now, we aren't sure if this is a flirt telling Jake to join Grindr, or a curious George telling him to find a girl to perform the same experiment. Either way, we support it!

Even guys who were duped by Jake's sneaky filter trick followed up with some comments.

Twitter | @J_Askew

Honestly, considering what this guy asked of "Jess" Earlier, his response could have been a lot worse. So, kudos to him...I guess.

Mostly, though, the reactions have been generally similar to this one:

Twitter | @luaisuliman10

Men can be real trashy, especially when there's a digital buffer between them and the people they are targeting with trash.

Maybe this will serve as a lesson for guys on Tinder to keep their disgusting comments to themselves.

Or maybe they won't care at all and they'll just keep sending whatever they want to any poor girls to happen to match with them.

No one ever said dating was easy.