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Miley Cyrus Went As Hannah Montana To The Met Gala And Nobody Noticed

brittany.rae 10 May 2019

It's the bessst of both worlds...

Fashion and memes, that is.

Miley Cyrus rolled up to the 2019 Met Gala in a gorgeous black and green dress — but fans were quick to notice that there was something a little familiar about the couture look.

Hannah Montana, you are an outfit repeater.

Miley has been emulating Hannah a lot lately

First: the hair. Miley cut and colored her hair recently, stepping out at the Avengers: Endgame premiere in full Hannah Montana.

Her bangs were longer here, but that would change by the time the Met Gala rolled around.

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She belted out classic Hannah in the car

While driving and sporting her new Hannah Montana hair, Miley sang along to "Best of Both Worlds."

For those that don't know, that's the opening theme to Hannah Montana.

Miley, what are you up to?

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She's also been back in touch with her Disney roots

Instagram | @mileycyrus

Rocking a Mickey Mouse shirt, Miley jammed out in the car to some classic Disney channel throwbacks.

She had the High School Musical soundtrack in rotation, as well as Hilary Duff.

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Including visiting Disneyland!

Disney Parks Blog

All that jamming happened on a road trip to Disneyland.

Miley hit up the happiest place on Earth for a day of serious Disney fun.

She posed with some beloved characters, rode the rides (including Splash Mountain), and generally gave everyone some intense nostalgia.

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She's also auctioning off her former costumes


For charity, of course!

Through Julien's Auctions, Miley is auctioning off some of her most iconic Hannah looks.

That includes looks from her "Best of Both Worlds" tour, screen-worn garments from Hannah Montana, and more.

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So yeah, Miley has been dropping some big Hannah vibes lately

...And that might include her Met Gala look.

She and husband Liam Hemsworth arrived on the pink carpet in full glam.

Miley's bangs were noticeably shorter, which is probably meant to communicate a more high-fashion look.

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The theme was "camp"

Getty Images | Neilson Barnard

No, not that kind of camp.

No, not Camp Rock.

Miley's interpretation of "camp" included a sequinned Yves Saint Laurent dress, which she paired with more playful polka-dot tights.

Check out that emerald and diamond bracelet, too. I feel expensive just looking at that.

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Fans were quick to notice something familiar about the dress, however

In a tweet that has since blown up, numbers-wise, one fan posted two side-by-side shots of old and new Miley.

Green and black sequins, blonde hair and bangs, and stripes? Screams Hannah to me.

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Twitter quickly popped off

Matthew here racked up over one million likes on his simple statement that it looked like Miley had resurrected a Hannah Montana look for the Met Gala.

Twitter is a wild place, y'all.

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Sadly, it looks like everyone got riled up for nothing

In the middle of scrolling for replies, I came across this tweet.

Well, there goes all of that fun, huh?

Whoever photoshopped that dress green...good job on getting the whole internet in a tizzy.

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Still, that can't stop us from admiring Miley's amazing dress

She gave Vogue some exclusive shots of she and Liam getting ready for the Met Gala.

They both wore Yves Saint Laurent, which Miley currently loves.

"[...] I think right now Saint Laurent is what makes me feel most myself."

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Liam even found multiple uses for the dress


Speaking to YouTuber Liza Koshy for Vogue, Miley said that Liam actually used her dress as a place to store his phone.


"It's 'cause he's Australian, he thinks it's a joey pouch, or something."

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And she used the Gala to help kick off some new music...

Some of her posts were tagged with #SheIsComing.

She also posted videos of those words on her Instagram, and it has fans speculating that a new album is imminent.

So, maybe Hannah hasn't made a return...but Miley sure is.

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Even if she didn't go as Hannah, Miley still had a good time

Instagram | @mileycyrus

In between snapping polaroids, recording Instagram videos, and partying, Miley clearly had a good time.

This was Liam's first Met Gala, too, so it looks like they tried to make it extra special!

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And check out her squad

Only in my wildest dreams do I roll with a squad that includes Demi Moore and Rami Malek.

No, literally. In my dreams. This is what my dreams look like.

Also, how cute are Miley and Demi's matching tights?

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